Synonyms for Manikin:


exercise book, chalkboard, classwork, blackboard, essay, all-nighter, eraser, blue book, dictation, crib. giant, colossus, hulk, amazon, he-man, brute, beanpole, gamine. doll (noun)
dummy (noun)
manikin (noun)
homunculus, model, mannequin, fashion model, doll, Marionette, mannikin, form, manakin.
midget (noun)
puppet (noun)
Marionette, doll.

Other synonyms:

doll, amazon, he-man, colossus, gamine, hulk, beanpole. brute. giant. Other relevant words:
amazon, Marionette, blackboard, beanpole, he-man, gamine, eraser, giant, chalkboard, classwork, hulk, essay, doll, all-nighter, dictation, brute, colossus, crib.

Usage examples for manikin

  1. " General, no fable, and no manikin cried Fouche, with a threatening voice. – Marie Antoinette And Her Son by Louise Muhlbach Official