Synonyms for Cast:


act, artiste, comedian, comedienne, clown, acrobat, comic, conjurer, artist. check on, gaze, actor, actress, troupe, survey, examine, staff, look around, stare, inspect, company. bag, big game, capture, dressing, bite, angling, splint, blood sports, bait. under/in the guise of, shooting, surface, effect, Styling, externals. quality control, conveyor, expulsion, shot, locker room, production line, conveyor belt, propulsion, assembly line, canteen, projection, the factory floor, ejection, capital goods. blend, color, hue, bracket, tint, characterize, shade, tone. the casting couch, go through, audition, dart, read for, shy, dress rehearsal, recast, move, shoot, miscast, dash. bandage, train, direct, corset, collar, zero in, level, cotton ball, turn, cotton, braces, point, seek, head, aim, compress, cane, band aid. burrow, frisk, radiate, claw, bristle, beach, emit, irradiate, buck, gore. catch the light, sparkle, work out, glow, dope out, flare, flash, shine, strategize, glare, conceive, light, blueprint, blaze, gleam. taxonomy, grouping, classification, cross-section, cipher, category, reason. mockup, foot, total, tot, cardboard cut-out, add, totalize, sum, increase, exploded, cutaway. call/bring/throw something into question, shake someone's belief/confidence/faith, search, call something into question/doubt, quest, hunt, sow fear/doubt/confusion etc.. act (noun)
actors in performance (noun)
troupe, company, dramatis personae.
appearance (noun)
vista, mien, show, figure, view, bearing, countenance, look, spectacle, demeanor, aspect, image, appearance, air, display.
appearance; shade of color (noun)
turn, demeanor, stamp, mien, tone, air, tint, look, hue, countenance, complexion.
arrangement (noun)
method, disposition.
artifact (noun)
mould, mold.
aspect (noun)
astrology (noun)
aquarius, astrological, astrology, aries, capricorn, astrologer, cancer, gemini.
a throw to the side (noun)
propulsion, expulsion, hurl, shooting, sling, lob, fling, projection, casting, ejection, pitch, toss, heave, thrust.
attribute (noun)
shape, form.
cast (noun)
hurtle, frame, mold, throw, formed, cat, shape, disgorge, shake off, drift, casting, swan, shed, vomit up, drop, stray, couch, wander, rove, purge, put, cast of characters, cast off, contrive, stamp, draw, be sick, plaster cast, dramatis personae, regorge, ramble, range, sick, upchuck, regurgitate, project, vomit, chuck, hurl, vagabond, retch, honk, mould, throw away, redact, form, roam, throw off, puke, plaster bandage, spew, roll, throw up, spue.
cast down (noun)
casting, form, model, company, shape, dramatis personae, mould, troupe.
color (noun)
group (noun)
dramatis personae, cast of characters.
molded structure (noun)
duplicate, figure, mold, replica, form, copy, sculpture, shape, facsimile.
representation (noun)
snapshot, rendering, miniature, representation, bust, model, cartoon, approximation, picture, outline, analogy, drawing, statue, silhouette, illustration, photograph, impression, figurine, effigy, facsimile, portrayal, likeness, imitation, replica, pastiche, carving, idol, copy, duplication, metaphor, depiction.
sculpture (noun)
sculpture, cameo, mannequin, bronze, molding, relief.


attribute (verb)
credit, acknowledge, attach, attribute, connect, refer, mark, place, set, accredit, brand, assign, blame, cite, apply, ascribe, impute.
attributed (verb)
Referred, branded, accredited, acknowledged, connected, assigned, blamed, credited, placed, Attributed, Cited, applied, Imputed, attached, marked, Ascribed.
calculate (verb)
total, sum, add, foot, tot.
categorize (verb)
designate, label, assort, stamp.
categorized (verb)
designated, labeled, assorted, stamped.
competition (verb)
creation (verb)
throw, contrive, project.
emit, give (verb)
train, point, aim, direct, radiate.
order (verb)
fix, rate, grade, plan, design, devise, establish, unify, sift, settle, unsnarl, pigeonhole, subordinate, schedule, classify, harmonize, normalize, form, separate, orchestrate, structure, shape, rationalize, collate, support, plot, schematize, mediate, group, scheme, array, adjust, type, maintain, compose, organize, stratify, sort, systematize, class, order, regulate, integrate, screen, marshal, stabilize, categorize, Methodize, prepare, balance, rank, right, program, chart, control, score, frame, arrange.
ordered (verb)
grouped, structured, maintained, settled, formed, framed, graded, normalized, Righted, Methodized, pigeonholed, separated, Collated, unified, controlled, orchestrated, prepared, harmonized, Marshalled, ranked, Sifted, Rated, supported, designed, Subordinated, shaped, unsnarled, plotted, mediated, Charted, arrayed, adjusted, programmed, organized, established, scheduled, Screened, Schemed, rationalized, composed, regulated, systematized, ordered, Devised, planned, Scored, categorized, schematized, sorted, balanced, stratified, typed, stabilized, classified, fixed, Classed, integrated, arranged.
propel (verb)
thrust, shove, pitch, sling, butt, precipitate, cant, bunt, push, prod, bowl, drive, toss, throw, hurl, propel, launch, goad, flick, fling, ram, lob, impel, shunt, project, catapult, heave, chuck, fire, pelt, compel.
propelled (verb)
Bowled, Hurled, Prodded, heaved, pitched, driven, Tossed, goaded, Pushed, Precipitated, fired, thrown, Rammed, compelled, Butted, Shoved, canted, Shunted, Flicked, Launched, projected, Lobbed, Threw, chucked, catapulted, Propelled, impelled, Pelted, bunted, Slung, drove, Flung.
represent (verb)
simulate, duplicate, render, portray, represent, ape, replicate, imitate, illustrate, depict, approximate.
represented (verb)
silhouetted, represented, copied, depicted, simulated, modeled, portrayed, Aped, Duplicated, Photographed, Rendered, illustrated, Replicated, outlined, Approximated, Imitated.
sculpt (verb)
sculpt, carve, mold.
sculpted (verb)
carved, molded, bronzed, sculpted.
select for activity (verb)
arrange, chart, design, assign, devise, blueprint, designate, plan.
throw aside (verb)
drive, fire, launch, project, impel, chuck, shed, shy, drop.

Other synonyms:

the casting couch, color, comedienne, exploded, Styling, externals, read for, cotton ball, troupe, corset, the factory floor, assembly line, hunt, acrobat, capital goods, comic, blood sports, dress rehearsal, quality control, angling, conjurer, conveyor, comedian, artiste, audition, totalize, splint, production line, strategize, actor. mockup, act, irradiate, burrow, recast, bristle, cutaway, bandage, artist, cane, cardboard cut-out, gore, dressing, staff, complexion, cotton, aim, bait, frisk, conveyor belt, band aid, shade, tone. shy, buck, beach, blueprint, radiate. hue, effect, dash, disposition, conceive, compress, go through. foot, collar. bite. surface. direct. shoot. turn. actor
totalize, sum.
add up
gemini, cancer, astrological, astrology, aries, aquarius, capricorn.
dope out.
zero in.
sculpted, sculpt.
send off
throw off.
Other relevant words:
spew, contrive, drop, mould, complexion, disgorge, vomit, sum, throw up, roll, regurgitate, puke, shy, color, shot, shed, turn, casting, plaster cast, tone, dramatis personae, cipher.

Usage examples for cast

  1. Mrs Brooke sighed and cast down her eyes. – Charlie to the Rescue by R.M. Ballantyne