Synonyms for Substitute:


substitute (adjective)
dummy, second, Superseding, proxy, representative, counterfeit, supplanting, Switched, Swapped, imitation, subrogated, replacement, exchanged, alternate, Displaced, traded, surrogate, backup, alternative.


make way (for), renew, succeed, give way, relieve. center, all-American, back, club, blue, ballplayer, backfield, boy, conference, center forward. metaphor, supply, standby, pinch-hit. pinch hitter, desk person, ancillary, apparatchik, cowboy, commuter, breadwinner, designated hitter, career woman, duty officer. cognate, contraction, antonym, collocate, buzzword, back-formation, argot, catchword, connective, derivation. arrive, enter, join, break into, start, attach, land. bench, captaincy, commissioner, captain, draft in, call up, draft. agent (noun)
executor, middleman, assignee, go-between, instrument, commissioner, attorney, agency, liaison, impresario, envoy, factor, mediator, operative, vehicle, broker, ombudsman, emissary, servant, intermediary, actor.
cognition (noun)
delegate (noun)
deputy (noun)
assistant, deputy, dummy, acolyte, mouthpiece, spokesman, assignee, helper, attendant, agent, appointee, envoy, stand in, aide, lieutenant, proxy, helpmate, figurehead, emissary, arm, backup, auxiliary, double, surrogate, delegate, servant, understudy, nominee, alternate, second, attorney, spokeswoman, token, ghost, representative.
substitute (noun)
auxiliary, counterfeit, imitation, understudy, assistant, standby, replacement, supply, deputy, double, alternative, fill in, ghost writer, ghost, delegate, agent.


alternate (verb)
deputize (verb)
appoint, deputize, assign, nominate.
substitute (verb)
trade, represent, supersede, displace, swap, replace, relieve, supplant, commute, deputize, switch, imitate, subrogate, exchange, change.

Other synonyms:

relieve, renew. standby. metaphor. succeed. attach, join. arrive, start. interchange
pinch hitter.

Usage examples for substitute

  1. In some European countries, goat's milk is used, by the poor, as a substitute for that of the cow. – Illustrative Anecdotes of the Animal Kingdom by Samuel Griswold Goodrich
  2. And while they do this, they themselves furnish a no more satisfying or soul- inspiring substitute – India’s Problem Krishna or Christ by John P. Jones