Synonyms for Essay:


composition, blackboard, chalkboard, crib, piece, eraser, dictation, blue book, classwork, all-nighter, exercise book. stand, chase, push, trial, trial run, struggle. paper, meditation, words, monograph, treatise. investigate, proof, tryout. shot, go, take, offer, stab. dissertation (noun)
critique, conjecture, research, position, hypothesis, examination, assertion, criticism, opinion, commentary, premise, dissertation, contention, thesis, interpolation, postulation, discussion, argument, analysis, article.
endeavor (noun)
effort, assay, venture, deed, exploit, enterprise, gambit, performance, commitment, engagement, job, contract, project, undertaking, production, adventure, endeavor, action, purpose, aim, attempt, maneuver, proceeding, approach.
essay (noun)
seek, assay, try, attempt.
experiment (noun)
tryout, trial run.
piece of writing (noun)
topic (noun)
matter, consideration, issue, presumption, text, topic, idea, motif, point, axiom, principle, assumption, theorem, theme, subject, belief, basis, statement, problem, question, query, inference, paradigm, concept, exposition.
try, attempt (noun)
shot, trial, aim, venture, effort, tryout, undertaking, struggle, endeavor.
written discourse (noun)
exposition, theme, discussion, article, composition, treatise, paper, dissertation, thesis, piece.


try, attempt (verb)
assay, offer, seek.

Other synonyms:

dictation, blue book, monograph, treatise, blackboard, classwork, exercise book, chalkboard. shot, eraser, all-nighter, paper, tryout. composition, crib, piece. stab. proof.

Usage examples for essay

  1. I do not in this Essay aim at any Thing more, than, as I have said before, to put several critical Hints, which I had collected, together, and not to form a regular Discourse, but take them as they come in my way. – An Essay on Criticism by John Oldmixon
  2. The second point is the subject- matter of the essay – Elementary Guide to Literary Criticism by F. V. N. Painter
  3. O too great happiness, I will my Essay at once begin. – Seven Maids of Far Cathay by Bing Ding, Ed.