Synonyms for Class:


humor, color, 21, hierarchy, origin, suit, estate, quality, selection, mood, ba, status, 22, genre, vein, habit, department, associate degree, source, Associate of Arts, state, bachelor's degree, league, domain, spirit, advanced degree, streak, property, sphere, subdivision, aspect, brood, collection, baccalaureate, sect, head, name, tone, range, distinction, temper, province, aa. pedigree, derivation, condition, position, experience, descent, station, title, connection, extraction, lineage, proficiency, precedence, moiety, prowess, influence, prestige, birth, tribe, mastery, ability, competence, skill, society, nobility, power, aptitude, genealogy, talent, ancestry, gift. after-school, free period, assembly, room, playtime, extended school, lecture, lesson, half-day, colloquium, recitation, subject, seminar, session, lights-out. different, ed, day school, correspondence course, unique, apprenticeship, crash course, articles, concentration, one of a kind, doctoral, unusual. cabal, coalition, corps, committee, army, body, value, clinic, board, consortium, bracket. be, characterize, caliber. classism, background, beginnings, bourgeois, beneath, the bourgeoisie, classless, class-conscious. grouping, cross-section. honor society, dean's list, sixth form, student government, student council. shunt, second class, passenger, jump a train, rail, railpass, straphanging, coach, first class. category (noun)
kind, breed, caste, Family, strain, style, classification, designation, genotype, mold, level, kingdom, people, ilk, variety, series, category, denomination, feather, stock, clan, step, race, line, genus, species, make, phylum, taxonomy, grain, degree, persuasion, stripe.
character (noun)
nature, personality, individuality, disposition, reputation, character, standing, stature, description, temperament, peculiarity, repute.
class (noun)
division, separate, assort, sort, socio-economic class, classify, grade, form, social class, course, year, Family, course of study, sort out, category, course of instruction.
degree (noun)
group (noun)
group in school (noun)
line, room, subdivision, seminar, colloquium, course of study, subject, recitation, course, session, form.
high quality (noun)
kind, sort, category (noun)
grain, feather, name, genus, degree, selection, ilk, sphere, designation, brand, domain, range, grouping, cast, hierarchy, rank, Family, make, species, humor, temperament, school, division, rate, breed, collection, status, estate, sect, color, denomination, description, origin, property, league, distinction, grade, stripe, character, province, department, quality, style, mold, variety, order, caste, set, genre, nature, frame, suit, value, classification, standing, source.
lesson (noun)
rank (noun)
school (noun)
high school, institute, college, university, collegiate, school, schoolroom, classroom, preschool.
societal group, background (noun)
caliber, condition, genealogy, prestige, position, title, lineage, pedigree, state, descent, clan, nobility, stock, moiety, connection, pigeonhole, ancestry, derivation, strain, extraction, birth, place, station, influence.
taste (noun)
discrimination, elegance, cultivation, Purism, delicacy, refinement, taste, charm, grace.


categorize (verb)
designate, group, brand, stamp, classify, score, separate, assort, label.
cognition (verb)
separate, classify, assort, sort out, sort.
order (verb)
mediate, unify, stabilize, sift, cast, categorize, normalize, rationalize, prepare, regulate, score, devise, establish, systematize, schematize, organize, order, Methodize, classify, scheme, plan, arrange, right, screen, sort, place, separate, chart, program, unsnarl, support, collate, rank, pigeonhole, balance, rate, set, fix, form, compose, grade, stratify, maintain, structure, shape, frame, group, type, adjust, harmonize, orchestrate, design, schedule, integrate, plot, control, array, settle, marshal, subordinate.

Other synonyms:

tribe, clinic, class-conscious, crash course, consortium, committee, straphanging, student government, classless, correspondence course, lights-out, free period, dean's list, sixth form, half-day, grouping, extended school, cabal, the bourgeoisie, playtime, after-school, characterize, honor society, railpass, subdivision, classism, bourgeois, day school, student council, beneath, doctoral. bracket, apprenticeship, concentration, corps, recitation, assembly, ed. lesson, army, hierarchy, caliber, birth, second class, cross-section, coalition. shunt, first class, society, rail. coach, background. board. body. association
sort out, normalize.
Other relevant words:
domain, characterize, year, course, subject, board, division, value, apprenticeship, humor, half-day, seminar, concentration, course of study, ancestry, recitation, connection, day school, descent, lineage, distinction, derivation, clinic, condition, sphere, beneath, extraction, origin, pedigree, selection, social class, province, position, bourgeois, committee, room, course of instruction, precedence, station, genealogy, color, hierarchy, property, estate, status, moiety, nobility, body, session, corps, sort out, assembly, state, range, title, prestige, birth, class-conscious, tribe, straphanging, league, shunt, name, brood, collection, head, bracket, coalition, colloquium, caliber, consortium, society, socio-economic class, grouping, influence, ed, sect, source, genre, suit, subdivision, department, lesson, quality, lecture.

Usage examples for class

  1. But I suppose Class Day can never be taken from the young girls. – April Hopes by William Dean Howells Last Updated: February 27, 2009
  2. I cannot, as you may well think, continue to live in this house, and among these people who are so little of our own class and with whom we have nothing in common. – The Lesser Bourgeoisie by Honore de Balzac
  3. Let a portion of the class go to the house, and take possession. – Papers from Overlook-House by Casper Almore