Synonyms for Mold:


germ, womb, amoeba, core, bacillus, cup, cavity, bacteria, E. COLI, matrix, hydra, image, microbe, listeria, ameba, dish, decomposer, design, depression, die. reproduction, curl, straighten, deform, open up, reshape, pottery, shell. envelope, case, container, parasite, decay, lichen, chest, rust, catch-all, bin, crate, box, basket, smut, fungus. motivate, condition, throw back on, enter, hold sway, predispose, implant, surface. manner, nature, group, molder, curdle, description, perish, putrefy, lot, decompose, biodegrade, go off, fester. grouping, cross-section. lend, impart, imbue with, infuse, inject, endow with, lace, invest with. category (noun)
degree, stripe, class, feather, grade, taxonomy, label, sort, step, caste, clan, stamp, denomination, phylum, stock, genus, line, rank, series, brand, people, designation, genotype, species, category, ilk, type, variety, strain, Family, persuasion, make, race, order, kingdom, set, breed, style, kind, grain, classification, level.
corrosion (noun)
form (noun)
matrix, appearance, shape, features, structure, build, configuration, form, physique, figure.
form, pattern (noun)
lot, cavity, shape, depression, matrix, type, kind, description, sort, nature, cast, womb, design, stamp, image, die, class.
matrix (noun)
mold (noun)
molding, forge, influence, regulate, modeling, moulding, form, shape, work, clay sculpture, mildew, determine, cast, stamp, mould.
shape (noun)
cast, mould, stamp.


creation (verb)
form, give shape (verb)
form, forge, build, make, sculpt.
sculpt (verb)
cast, bronze, sculpt, carve.

Other synonyms:

predispose, curdle, container, biodegrade, throw back on. infuse, invest with, motivate, endow with, fester, impart, envelope, crate, basket. inject, chest, bin, catch-all, implant, lend. go off, description. condition, enter, lace. lot, manner, nature. box. case. decomposition
Other relevant words:
smut, perish, lichen, curdle, molder, mildew, bacillus, inject, depression, bacteria, germ, design, moulding, die, manner, reproduction, parasite, microbe, cavity, molding, decay, matrix, fungus, rust, decompose, work, mould, modeling, lace, amoeba, putrefy, catch-all, womb, influence, nature, straighten, basket, crate, image, clay sculpture, enter, forge, fester, determine, predispose, regulate, implant, lot, infuse, description, bin, case.

Usage examples for mold

  1. His years among men of later mold had not changed the Old World cruelty of his nature. – The U.P. Trail by Zane Grey
  2. She, beautiful as she is, would in her divinity have bent and married a coarse mold of clay like myself, and poor, too, as I was; but her father said: 'Not yet, Joe. – The Comstock Club by Charles Carroll Goodwin
  3. Low at thy feet, O Christ, I fall A yielded lump of clay, For thee to mold me as thou wilt, To have thy own sweet way. – How to Live a Holy Life by C. E. Orr