Synonyms for Fiber:


Achilles Tendon, cartilage, adductor, pile, erector muscle, hair, tendril, disk, ABS, cord, abductor, strip, vein, ciliary muscle, tissue, shred, biceps, staple. ascorbic acid, additive, coloring, carbohydrate, colouring, caffeine, butterfat, thing, fibril, aspartame, albumin, curd. fabric, cloth, cut, warp and woof, material, pleat, gather, be, Contexture, textile, texture, web, fold. cloud, billow, honesty, hank, integrity, froth, fog, strong, principle, foam, block, knot. cobweb (noun)
fabric (noun)
silk, textile.
fiber (noun)
dacron, character, orlon, nylon, rayon, linen, jute, wool, vulcanized fiber, fibre, cotton, silk.
filament (noun)
filament, thread, hemp, yarn, string, floss, strand, cilium, flax.
fuzz (noun)
hair (noun)
quality (noun)
grit, hand, grain, warp and woof, nap, texture, feel, surface, tissue, tooth.
strand of material (noun)
grain, tissue, shred, vein, tooth, tendril, thread, strip, string, fibril, hair, cord, staple, web, filament, grit.
structure (noun)
substance (noun)
texture (noun)
hand, fabric, pile, texture, feel, warp and woof, nap.

Other synonyms:

biceps, Achilles Tendon, Contexture, hank, ABS, fibril, disk, erector muscle, ciliary muscle, cartilage, adductor, warp and woof. hair, abductor, nap, pleat, cloth, textile, integrity. fabric, foam. vein, knot, principle. honesty, material. fold, fog, gather, froth, web. cloud. pile. block. cut. quality
Other relevant words:
abductor, fabric, strip, gather, shred, fibril, principle, biceps, fibre, feel, honesty, knot, cord, grit, tissue, hank, adductor, hand, pile, ABS, tooth, vulcanized fiber, grain, warp and woof, character, web, integrity, staple, Contexture, nap, block, texture, hair, textile, cloth, vein, tendril.

Usage examples for fiber

  1. Is the fiber made more tender or tough by dry heat? – School and Home Cooking by Carlotta C. Greer
  2. Danny O'Rourke found his whole body tingling as if he were filled with stinging sparks; each single fiber of each muscle was twitching. – The Hammer of Thor by Charles Willard Diffin
  3. His was another and more indomitable fiber – The Best Short Stories of 1921 and the Yearbook of the American Short Story by Various