Synonyms for Step:


deed, act, activity, operation, venture, demonstration, thing. bar line, run, clef, rest, adagio, con brio, con amore, allegro, rung, ARR, andante, bass clef, round. impression, boxercise, aquarobics, trace, chin up, circuit training, track, aerobic, imprint, aerobics, the burn, print, calisthenics, bend, trail, bodybuilding. wander, stray, saunter, amble, action, move, stroll, trek, start, hike. alike, hiccup, gargle, gurgle, similar to, coinciding with, similarly, pad, babble, gabble, hum, babel. handrail, flight, escalator, bannister, banister, elevator, ladder, landing, fire escape, dumbwaiter. call, footwork, choreography, dance, procedure, tactic, maneuver, kick, choreograph, choreographic, gesture, choreographer. piece, peg, drop, point, reach, radius, carry, depth, big, hairsbreadth, climb. goose step, call it quits, strut, retire, stagger, continue, shuffle, limp, walk. instalment, episode, installment, lowlights, the middle, juncture, low point. act (noun)
move, action, thing, operation.
category (noun)
denomination, genus, kingdom, mold, set, make, sort, caste, people, genotype, type, line, persuasion, strain, Family, brand, designation, stock, order, form, classification, variety, clan, race, species, kind, ilk, series, grain, phylum, rank, class, feather, breed, stamp, category, taxonomy, label, style, stripe.
dance (noun)
degree (noun)
amplitude, range, degree, grade, caliber, measure, extent, quality, intensity, magnitude, level, potential, scale, notch.
footfall (noun)
measure (noun)
decimeter, angstrom, foot, block, mile, decameter, cubit, criterion, ell, micron, centimeter, meter, yard, inch, mil, knot, rod, fathom, millimeter, second, hectometer, minute, kilometer, league, furlong.
rank (noun)
term, state, stage, mark, footing, position, station, status, standing, place.
step (noun)
footstep, run, mark, maneuver, walk, dance step, stair, trace, pace, track, rank, stride, procedure, level, start, deed, whole tone, rest, measure, impression, point, footfall, notch, gradation, whole step, act, grade, stage, footmark, trail, stone's throw, rung, tread, print, round, tone, degree, footprint.
unit of measurement (noun)

n. & a.

aerobics/aerobic (noun, adjective)


step (verb)
pace, dance.

Other synonyms:

stroll, saunter, goose step, strut, trek, tactic, choreographer, choreography, amble, hairsbreadth, choreographic. choreograph, wander, shuffle, footwork, rung, action, peg, continue, track. hike, radius, dance, pad, procedure. maneuver, stray, limp. stagger. reach, climb. depth. kick. piece. point. drop. carry. call. manner of walking
Other relevant words:
choreographic, rest, activity, tread, trail, reach, act, rung, walk, strut, footmark, footwork, limp, pace, stride, procedure, footstep, stone's throw, whole step, move, juncture, deed, trace, gradation, saunter, stroll, trek, tactic, footprint, dance step, call, track, stagger, dance, depth, amble, choreography, hairsbreadth, radius, round, print, piece, imprint, stair, operation, run, tone, shuffle, maneuver, action, pad, footfall, impression, thing, point, continue, whole tone, hike, start, peg, retire.

Usage examples for step

  1. I'm going back up those stairs-" The man moved a step forward. – The Tempering by Charles Neville Buck
  2. I'll just step over and call him to dinner." – The Quality of Mercy by W. D. Howells
  3. I won't go another step – Read-Aloud Plays by Horace Holley