Synonyms for Run:


case, counterfeit, blackmail, swoop, abduct, defraud, flight, whisk, commission, extort, scuttle, abet, pace, commit, charge. chafe, scratch, grind, rasp, score, buff, home run, abrade, rub. capture, back up, norm, average, burn-in, archive, par, call up, block, burn, author, access. crank, ultimately, eject, eventually, flick, coax, energize, activate, finally. festinate, whirl, rocket, flit, zip, watch over, flash, command, zoom, hustle, shoot, whiz, pelt, barrel, scour, bucket, bustle, highball, haste, nip, wing, fly, bolt, look after, sail, rip. disenfranchise, elect, election, chad, approach, hightail, direct elections, by election, skedaddle, beauty contest, advance poll, clear out, vamoose, scram. clock, false start, quit, take off, cut out, retire, dead heat, push off, blow, drop back, split, the blocks, shove off, come, baton, ahead. report, hang around, screen, fraternize, troop, broadcast, televise, near, hang out, hobnob, come-on, beam. publish, splash, serialize, print, used, apply, resort, go to press, repair, refer. circulate, heliskiing, stream, aspen, chairlift, binding, mogul, inner-tubing, downhill, luge, cross-country skiing. pour, breast pocket, surge, bodice, care label, armhole, well, collar, buttonhole, coattails, bib, arm. finalize, dream up, arrange, organize, draw up, plan, fix, think ahead, solid, fuse, orchestrate, Deliquesce, map out. change, ballpark, vary, ball boy, ball girl, balk, batboy, baseline, base, baseball, ball, at-bat. boil, performing arts, show, bake, boil away, atomize, cloud, boil up, bubble, boil over. herd, MFG, productive, factory, planned obsolescence, automated, production, reverse engineering, industry, industrial. exist, sit, set, concentrate, stalk, chase, seek, there is/are etc., occupy, lie. bunch, pucker, breathe, ride up, fall down, thrive, bag, hug. lay, put down, mobilize, position, settle, impel, pile, balance, put. get in, stand for, use, canvass, sweep to/from power, manage. chicken run, paddock, kraal, bootleg, pen, barnyard, fold, smuggle, farmyard, corral. climb, bud, bloom, put in, blossom, ram, come out, thrust, stab, come up, dig, stick, die back. cards, full house, dummy, call, grand slam, bid, dealer, over, deal, carry on. blacken, lighten, gray, administrate, superintend, administer, govern, supervise, brighten, bleach. inflate, swamp, top off, blow up, pump up, inflation. pound, runner. catch, cast up, crest, deepen, burst. forge ahead, progress, walk-on. chute, roller, tube, bypass, tubing, funnel. crossing, expedition, commute, day trip, cruise, exploration, circuit, excursion. last out, clock in at, span, go back. engulf, heighten, come over, sweep over, grip, pulse, color, grow. think, enter your mind/head, occur to, cross someone's mind, dawn. distribute, spread-out, fan out, pervade, sprawl, disperse, permeate, diffuse, spill over. go off, play out, pan out, fall into place. act (noun)
bout (noun)
fast moving on foot (noun)
flight, scuttle.
journey (noun)
run (noun)
footrace, hunt down, test, pass, outpouring, unravel, running play, operate, lead, go, incline, streak, function, discharge, flow, rill, ravel, bleed, race, melt, tend, hunt, play, run for, foot race, work, track down, melt down, black market, course, lean, tally, be given, draw, ply, carry, streamlet, consort, move, ladder, trial, guide, running, runnel, extend, rivulet, running game.
sequence (noun)


continue, range (verb)
extend, vary, lie, trail, circulate.
creation (verb)
liquefied (verb)
liquefied, thawed, melted, dissolved.
liquefy (verb)
liquefy, thaw, melt, dissolve.
move (verb)
flow, course, actuate, relocate, budge, shift, go, transit, stir, move, proceed, transfer, pass.
moved (verb)
relocated, Went, moved, Proceeded, actuated, Passed, Shifted, transited, Budged, Ran, Coursed, gone, Transferred, Flowed, stirred.
move fast on foot (verb)
sprint, trot, skedaddle, pace, hurry, canter, scamper, take off, hustle, barrel, whisk, scramble, bound, lope, tear, shoot, fly, scurry, rush, gallop, dart, race, flit, course, bolt, bustle, dash, scoot, clear out, jog.
move rapidly, flowingly (verb)
flow, discharge, sail, whirl, bleed, diffuse, thaw, liquefy, pass, fuse, whiz, Deliquesce, melt, proceed, go, pour, stream, dissolve.
operate, drive (verb)
govern, ply, command, work, manage, use, carry, move.
ran (verb)
Galloped, Loped, Sprinted, bounded, Scampered, Cantered, Jogged, Trotted, Plunged, Darted, tore, Raced, rushed, scurried, dashed, scooted, scrambled, hurried, torn.
run (verb)
gallop, dart, scoot, sprint, bound, canter, scurry, lope, race, hurry, tear, trot, plunge, scamper, jog, rush, scramble, dash.
stative (verb)

Other synonyms:

vamoose, Deliquesce, top off, route, pervade, festinate, skedaddle, clock in at, publish, administrate, occur to, splash, bustle, rive, watch over, televise, manage, sweep over, serialize, pan out, hightail, scram, hustle, heighten, barnyard, chafe, home run, spill over, grind, rasp. inflation, beam, rip, broadcast, highball, scuttle, zoom, vary, rub, chute, tubing, last out, stream, whisk, attain, disperse, smuggle, rocket, look after, rend, fuse, flit, bootleg, circulate, govern, series, mobilize, fan out. command, chase, sail, stand for, arm, canvass, stalk, herd, play out, distribute, succession, pump up, inflate, ram, engulf, quit, spread-out, come to. dawn, impel, scratch, bucket, print, flash, go back, whiz, resort, creep, administer, thrust, use, enter, swamp, funnel, HIT. get in, diffuse, blow up, roller, bolt, screen, haste, whirl, sequence, nip, retire, split, pour. dig, stab, occupy, pace, bypass. fly, report, pulse, runner, deepen, surge, span. think, deliver, refer. approach, come out, come up, apply, shoot, blow. color, go off. come-on. show, touch. well. charge. pass
spill over.

Usage examples for run

  1. There is a time to run and a time to stand. – Weighed and Wanting by George MacDonald
  2. I thought I'd run down. – The Honour of the Clintons by Archibald Marshall
  3. I think I'll run in and see. – Mary Minds Her Business by George Weston