Synonyms for Market:


hype, pitch, advertise, mail out, booth, place, endorse, bill as, fish market, plug, delicatessen, launch. buyer's market, aftermarket, run, direct marketing, credit rating, cold call, demand, cross-selling, customer care, detail, churn rate. digital, E-Commerce, dealing, need, want, option, be willing to purchase. bookstall, peddle, merchandise, handle, cattle auction, transactions, corn exchange, cattle market, farmers' market, flea market, stand. bearish, bear, bullish, bull, bull market, bid, bid price, bondholder, bear market, broker-dealer. client, browser, late adopter, customer base, early adopter, clientele, consumer, customer, buyer, end user. economy, capitalism, the gold standard, free market, macroeconomy, free-enterprise, industrialism, corporatism, communism, command economy. act (noun)
marketplace, market place.
business (noun)
consortium, career, corporation, concern, retailing, practice, assignment, partnership, vocation, interest, transaction, holding, management, business, posting, busy work, negotiation, situation, specialty, affair, job, occupation, establishment, barter, exchange, commission, industry, livelihood, company, calling, proprietorship, venture, employment, enterprise, trade, profession, position, labor, activity, service, merchant, commerce, firm, selling, station.
grocery store (noun)
grocery store, supermarket.
market (noun)
convenience store, bureau, commercialise, securities industry, market place, grocery store, commercialize, stock exchange, shop, fair, stall, chain, food market, grocery, counter, department store, office, marketplace.
place, venue for selling goods (noun)
delicatessen, business, warehouse, stall, booth, store, fair, emporium, stock exchange, shop, grocery store, mart, supermarket, bazaar, department store.
sale (noun)
bazaar, retail, sale, auction, wholesale.
store (noun)
closet, granary, bin, hayloft, bank, coffer, hoard, cellar, accumulation, store, mart, cupboard, cache, treasure, safe, library, buttery, lumberyard, depository, depot, larder, grocery, arsenal, storeroom, warehouse, archive, supermarket, locker, armory, storehouse, repository, emporium, commissary, Corncrib, storage, vault, stockpile, silo, crib.


package and sell goods (verb)
barter, vend, advertise, exchange, retail, merchandise, wholesale.
sell (verb)
deal, vend, sell.

Other synonyms:

endorse, E-Commerce, advertise, mail out, corn exchange, bill as, economy, farmers' market, cattle market, cattle auction, delicatessen, flea market. dealing, demand, hype, bookstall, peddle. digital, plug, option. pitch. handle, place. stand. sell
retail, sell.
Other relevant words:
dealing, merchandise, commercialise, commercialize, need, food market, clientele, advertise, flea market, demand, marketplace, economy, bookstall, handle, customer base, peddle, grocery store, E-Commerce, want, hype, securities industry, place.

Usage examples for market

  1. As I was going up street to go to market I was told Miss Blandy was gone over the bridge. – Trial-of-Mary-Blandy by Roughead, William
  2. Sir George Grey asked him whether he had found any disease among the foreign cattle that came into the market – On the cattle plague: or, Contagious typhus in horned cattle. Its history, origin, description, and treatment by Honoré Bourguignon