Synonyms for Center:


all (adjective)
central (adjective)
inmost, middle.
middle (adjective)
interior, inmost, inside, internal, medial, deepest, midpoint, inner, innermost, mean.


concerned, alert, attentive, focused, regard, under someone's critical eye, fixated, attention, attention span, observant. development, megaplex, headquarters, block, barracks, seat, huddle, complex, apartment complex. bottom, bag, start, cram, bed, quick, bottle, bury, embed, root, entomb, crate, box. location, locale, channel, venue, whereabouts, setting, scene, site. center of gravity, belly, cross-section, inside, the middle. candy, chew, candy apple, bonbon, candyfloss, candy cane, candy bar, bubble gum, caramel. third party, liberal, the center, Third Way. average (noun)
basketball (noun)
basketball, goaltending, dunk, backboard, foul out, foul line, field goal, basket, full-court press.
concentrate (noun)
attract, intensify, meet, unify, draw together, combine, bring together, flock together, collect, focus attention, cluster, unite, converge upon, center around, close on, gather together, consolidate, bring to a focus, center in.
focus (noun)
essence, core, axle, hub, heart, lodestar, bottleneck, epitome, lure, focus, rally, intersection, polestar, rendezvous, kernel, marrow, plenum, crossing, funnel, asymptote, gathering, soul, magnet, forum, meat, spirit, crux, nucleus.
location (noun)
heart, middle.
mid (noun)
inner, at the halfway point, innermost, central, medial, internal, interior, inmost, deepest.
middle (noun)
median, nub, axis, halfway point, bisection, medium, midst, mediocrity, mean, pivot, average, half, half-and-half, epicenter, midpoint, middle.
middle point (noun)
nucleus, polestar, marrow, axis, core, hub, seat, midst, pivot, root, kernel, focus, quick, heart, essence.
point of attraction for visitors, shoppers, travelers (noun)


centralize (verb)
centralize, concentrate.
concentrate, draw together (verb)
collect, bring together, unify, converge upon, intensify, gather, consolidate, bring to a focus, attract, close on, meet, centralize.
focus (verb)
gather, intersect, converge.

Other synonyms:

complex, chew, entomb, megaplex, cross-section, contour, conference, huddle, boy, whereabouts, cusp, club. bottle, blue, caramel, headquarters, location. channel, setting, sector, embed, belly, site. development, inside, bury. bed, bag, scene, block. quick, root, bottom. seat. back. box, face. corner. side. basketball
basketball, goaltending, dunk, backboard, foul out, foul line, field goal, basket, full-court press.
Other relevant words:
channel, megaplex, inside, embed, barracks, bring to a focus, blue, location, huddle, center of gravity, block, inmost, combine, seat, crate, bury, bed, hypotenuse, corner, conference, locale, internal, setting, bottom, bring together, medial, converge upon, face, boy, club, intensify, bottle, inner, collect, interior, close on, attract, cram, consolidate, headquarters, root, scene, contour, sector, backfield, deepest, back, venue, unify, bag, cluster, meet, innermost, basket, development, unite, central, quick, ballplayer, goaltending.

Usage examples for center

  1. With a sharp pencil mark off the required length, starting from the dead center end. – A Course In Wood Turning by Archie S. Milton and Otto K. Wohlers
  2. It touched the center of her life more nearly. – Linda Condon by Joseph Hergesheimer