Synonyms for Captain:


brigadier general, aide-de-camp, adjutant, chief of staff, brigadier, colonel, guide, co, CDR, col. ensign, cap, admiral, fleet admiral, commodore, operator, petty officer, midshipman, P.O., old man. climb, ditch, airlift, come down, command, drop, lead, eject, bank, buzz, down, precede. call up, captaincy, draft, draft in, bench. commissioner, bobby, constable, copper, chief of police, deputy, cop, cadet. aeronaut (noun)
astronaut, passenger, copilot, balloonist, aeronaut, pilot, rocketeer, martian, flier, alien, spaceman, astro-navigator, airman, aviator, cosmonaut.
captain (noun)
master, chieftain, Maitre D'hotel, head waiter, skipper, police chief, police captain, senior pilot, sea captain.
chief of vehicle, effort (noun)
chieftain, master, executive, director, authority, officer, skipper, leader, head, cap, operator, pilot, boss, commander, guide.
director (noun)
king, warden, foreman, mayor, overlord, magistrate, administrator, ringmaster, ringleader, superintendent, general, queen, baron, taskmaster, band master, boss, supervisor, overseer, conductor.
master (noun)
master, landlord, ruler, squire, headmaster, proprietress, mahatma, maestro, director, star, abbot, officer, kingpin, titleholder, executive, manager, guru, commander, mandarin, senior, principal, commandant, headmistress, president, quartermaster, chief, lord, authority, leader, proprietor, landlady, governor, mother, dean, sire, head.
person (noun)
sailor (noun)
helmsman, mariner, ferryman, mate, boatman, boater, boatswain, yeoman, seaman, steersman, ship man, sailor, barge-man, gondolier, salt, navigator, tar.
skipper (noun)
sea captain.

Other synonyms:

captaincy, cadet, petty officer, bosun, commodore, ditch, buccaneer, docker, colonel, chief of staff, midshipman, constable, draft in, col, bobby, adjutant, ensign, fleet admiral, aide-de-camp, CDR, brigadier general, guide, chief of police, admiral, P.O., brigadier, cap'n. bank, co, cop, eject, airlift. come down, commissioner. copper, deputy, lead, call up. buzz. climb, company. command, drop. bench. down, draft. maitre d'hotel
Maitre D'hotel.

Usage examples for captain

  1. I replied that I wanted to see the captain – The Boy Tar by Mayne Reid
  2. The captain went on. – A Hero of Romance by Richard Marsh
  3. The Rodomontades of Captain Matamore. – Captain Fracasse by Theophile Gautier