Synonyms for Item:


advice column, centerfold, cartoon, artwork, banner headline, classified ad, cheesecake, byline, announcement. breakfast television, closed-captioned, chat show, bulletin, docusoap, documentary, docudrama, call-in, broadcast. contention, point of order, sticking point, starting point, focus, sidelight, substance, side issue. group, fine print, technicality. object, thing. words, squib, story, paragraph, bit. communication (noun)
component (noun)
portion, filament, member, element, feature, material, factor, component, article, fraction, ingredient, segment, fragment, part, percentage, constituent, section, matter, medium, piece.
detail (noun)
object, thing.
in addition (noun)
to boot, besides, moreover, furthermore, more, increase, also, too, still, as well, likewise, further, additionally, yet.
item (noun)
particular, detail, token, point.
part, article (noun)
story, bulletin, point, thing, bit, detail, particular, element, component, paragraph, matter, feature, piece.
passage (noun)
piece of writing (noun)

Other synonyms:

fine print, organism, bit, side issue, thing, technicality, point of order. squib, entity, sidelight, contention, announcement. object, stuff. story. focus. in addition
too, furthermore, besides, also, yet, more, likewise, moreover, additionally.
Other relevant words:
to boot, artwork, moreover, still, bulletin, increase, technicality, cartoon, closed-captioned, entity, token, words, fine print, object, group, focus, particular, additionally, cheesecake, broadcast, too, paragraph, sidelight, story, squib, point, contention, docudrama, announcement, yet, detail, substance, docusoap, byline, as well, centerfold, organism, besides, likewise, thing, more, furthermore, documentary, bit, further, article, stuff, also.