Synonyms for Ending:


last (adjective)
concluding, exiting, terminal, closing, final, Culminating, Terminating, finishing, last, complete, Capping.


withdrawal. cease, wind up, denouement, consummation, continue, content, comic relief, act, contrivance, action, stop, the credits, backstory, wrap up, aside, end of the line, ad lib. act (noun)
termination, conclusion.
cessation (noun)
halt, interruption, abandonment, cessation, standstill, termination, end, hiatus, discontinuance, pause, closure, stay, stoppage.
communication (noun)
conclusion (noun)
culmination, windup, finish, completion, termination, dissolution, closing, finale, consummation, close, expiration, closure, stop, cessation, denouement.
death (noun)
extinction, passing, fatality, dissolution, parting, release, quietus, decease, annihilation.
end (noun)
death, windup, finis, conclusion, terminal, exit, close, finale, culmination, checkmate, expiration, completion, finish, accomplishment, demise.
ending (noun)
cessation, finish, conclusion, completion, consummation, close, culmination, end, termination, finale.


ceasing (verb)
stopping, Refraining, Interrupting, Abandoning, Desisting, Ceasing, Staying, breaking, Discontinuing, closing, Pausing, Suspending, Culminating, Quitting, halting, Terminating, Remitting.
completing (verb)
finishing, finalizing, executing, Achieving, completing, integrating, Graduating, concluding, filling, Consummating, Fulfilling, unifying, arriving, Accomplishing.
dying (verb)
falling, Perishing, departing, Succumbing.
ending (verb)
dying, passing on, Checkmating, Capping, Deceasing, expiring, winding up, exiting, wrapping up, passing away.
limiting (verb)
edging, bounding, Rimming, Restraining, limiting, restricting, bordering.
stopping (verb)
holding, freezing.

Other synonyms:

end of the line, withdrawal, denouement. wind up, consummation. wrap up. cease.

Usage examples for ending

  1. A happy ending eh! – Krindlesyke by Wilfrid Wilson Gibson
  2. That ending having the girl come back to life again, to sing some more after she'd been shot- was one of the things Paula was trying to make me do, all the while. – Mary Wollaston by Henry Kitchell Webster
  3. I have come far, but my journey is near to a very happy ending – Down the Mother Lode by Vivia Hemphill