Synonyms for Term:


calculation, decimal place, algorithm, indication, abacus, denomination, approximation, expression, computational, moniker, head, locution, phrase, binomial, average, deviation, caption. closure, passing, duration, conclusion, quarter, phase, withdrawal, expiry, close, course, finish, interval, span, cycle, completion, session, season, end, ending. anagram, clue, Arabism, archaism, americanism, stretch, anglicism, acrostic, chant, borrowing, catch-all. contract, existence, affidavit, live, covenant, brief, conveyance, criminal record, life, bond. direct marketing, detail, cross-selling, aftermarket, cold call, buyer's market, credit rating, customer care, churn rate. antenatal, anti-choice, baby shower, bear, amniotic fluid, baby blues, arrive, amniocentesis, words, birth, the afterbirth. appointment, reservation, string, career, specification, delegation, division of labor, business, limited, calling, background, qualification, collaboration. presume, consist in, build around, be founded on/upon, Considering, on the strength of, rest on, be anchored in something, basis, rooted, connect, assume. chapter, countdown, block, date, distance, delay. rate, say a lot/very little etc. for, represent, peg, attribute to, credit with, brand. open house, half-term, midterm, summer holiday, spring break, start back, long vacation, midterm break. coerce (noun)
force, reduce to submission, pressure.
condition (noun)
clause, article, caveat, post script, codicil, proviso, condition, provision.
description of a concept (noun)
designation, expression, caption, indication, moniker, head, nomenclature, terminology, article, name, appellation, locution, phrase, title, word, denomination.
limit (noun)
conclusion, finish, close, end.
name (noun)
epithet, appellation, designation, title, identity, tag, label, name.
point of time (noun)
century, minute, generation, decade, second, month, year, microsecond, age, epoch, millennium, millisecond, week, era, day, time, semester, hour, lifetime.
quarter (noun)
quarter, semester.
rank (noun)
mark, standing, position, scale, station, rank, state, degree, step, grade, range, status, stage, footing, place.
term (noun)
time period (noun)
course, span, stretch, phase, standing, season, time, duration, semester, interval, cycle, session, quarter.
unit of measurement (noun)
verbalization (noun)
word (noun)
nomenclature, jargon, lexicon, word, terminology, vocabulary, thesaurus, verbiage.


name (verb)
christen, identify, call, designate.
name something (verb)
christen, designate, call, label, tag.

Other synonyms:

locution, credit with. span. qualification, string, existence, reservation. basis, rate, brand. represent. life, peg. expression. designation

Usage examples for term

  1. Link took it to be a fancy term for " bird dog." – His Dog by Albert Payson Terhune
  2. Yet once more let me ask you to consider the question from another point of view, and see whether you agree with me:- There is a thing which you term heat, and another thing which you term cold? – Phaedo The Last Hours Of Socrates by Plato
  3. In this term Grant appointed the first board of civil service commissioners, with George William Curtis at its head. – Ulysses S. Grant by Walter Allen