Synonyms for Moving:


active (adjective)
enterprising, sedulous, stirring, going, tireless, dynamic, assiduous, bustling, energetic, busy, vivacious, lively, sprightly, eager, shifting, animated, active, walking, spirited, industrious.
affecting, exciting (adjective)
impressive, touching, emotive, inspiring, impelling, poignant, persuasive, propelling, provoking, eloquent, dynamic, stirring, motivating, rousing, stimulating, emotional, heartbreaking.
disappointing (adjective)
emotional (adjective)
emotive, heartwarming.
exciting (adjective)
heartbreaking (adjective)
mobile (adjective)
nomadic, changing, Roaming, jumping, shifting, flying, going, walking, transportable, portable, running, roving, movable.
motivational (adjective)
slinging, goading, motivational, impelling, firing, prompting, launching, driving, jolting, propelling, prodding, Nudging, hastening, Inciting, pushing.
moving (adjective)
passing, active, transiting, coursing, running, stirring, proceeding, flowing, going.
persuasive (adjective)
running (adjective)
wandering (adjective)
traveling, marching, roving, coursing, Ambling, walking, wayfaring, Roaming, Sojourning, wandering, Promenading, Hiking, nomadic, Trekking, Strolling, rambling, touring, journeying.


thrilling, heartbreaking, effective, maneuverable, emotive, portable, passionate, emotional, mobility, rousing, persuasive, heart-rending, impressive, eloquent, telling. transportable, move, movable. touch. in motion (noun)
journeying, starting, shifting, changing, rising, traveling, proceeding, flying, going.
moving (noun)
circling, swaying, automotive, soul-stirring, unreeling, shuffling, tumbling, walking, twisting, rushing, aflare, heaving, self-propelled, itinerant, heartwarming, thrashing, hurtling, road, soaring, squirming, touching, touring, jolting, fluttering, restless, vibratory, on the move, spinning, turning, swinging, flowing, shifting, haunting, sweeping, flaring, mobile, creeping, running, rotating, wriggling, animated, approaching, blown, trampling, affecting, springing, wiggling, riding, wheeling, fleeing, leaping, awheel, floating, writhing, poignant, rolling, circulating, marching, whirling, scampering, bouncing, revolving, stirring, tossing, flailing, jumping, bounding, afoot, streaming, milling, active, swirling, waving, wiggly, fleeting, traveling, billowing, jouncing, unwinding, oncoming, darting, fast-flying, hurling, curling, vibrating, passing, kinetic, wriggly, crawling, flittering, tramping, flying, agitated, self-propelling.


acting (verb)
laboring, appearing, exercising, reacting, working, officiating, performing, Behaving, Transacting, operating, Perpetrating, Doing, conducting, Endeavoring, Comporting, executing, functioning, acting.
carrying (verb)
sending, Transporting, transmitting, hauling, Expressing, bearing, Removing, conveying, carting, Carrying, Delivering, Dispatching.
motivating (verb)
Bumping, triggering, prompting, motivating, shooting, Punching, slinging, jolting, pitching, poking, goading, encouraging, heaving, Fomenting, jerking, jostling, striking, enticing, fermenting, Magnetizing, Flinging, catapulting, impelling, firing, thrusting, energizing, provoking, propelling, Ramming, Throwing, hurling, Forcing, prodding, hastening, hurtling, Instigating, jogging, stimulating, Shoving, inducing, urging, inspiring, driving, pushing, Nudging, launching, Lobbing, knocking.
moving (verb)
Transferring, relocating, actuating, Budging, shifting.

Other synonyms:

emotive, rousing, transportable, maneuverable, inflammable, cathartic, emotional. mobility, mobile. overwhelming. portable, movable. punch. charge. ardent

Usage examples for moving

  1. At last he reached Sea Street once more, and there- there far ahead was the slow- moving cart. – The Great Hunger by Johan Bojer
  2. Lone Chief watched her for some time, without moving and then came slowly forward till he stood within six feet of the old bear's nose. – Dusty Star by Olaf Baker
  3. Mrs. Brown, however, soon heard the children moving about and she called to them: " What's the matter?" – Bunny Brown and His Sister Sue in the Big Woods by Laura Lee Hope