Synonyms for Cessation:


expiry. cold turkey, nicotine gum, drag, light up, wrap up, cease, draw, habit, wind up, stop, stopping point, continue, chain-smoke, ashtray, end of the line, draw on. cut off, check, discontinuation. cessation (noun)
discontinuance, pause, stoppage, end, abandonment, halt, standstill, stay, closure, interruption, ending, hiatus, termination, surcease.
close (noun)
death (noun)
annihilation, passing, quietus, fatality, parting, decease, dissolution, extinction, release.
end (noun)
closing, windup, conclusion, demise, finale, checkmate, culmination, death, finis, exit, expiration, completion, close, accomplishment, finish, terminal.
ending (noun)
stoppage, conclusion, standstill, hiatus, interruption, halt, pause, close, stay, termination, suspension, stop, recess, end, finish, discontinuance, cease.
event (noun)
resignation (noun)
rejection, Disclamation, withdrawal, abdication, acceptance, renouncement, surrender, retirement, relinquishment, resignation.
stop (noun)
discontinuation, standstill.
stopping point (noun)
stopping point.


stop (verb)
recess, suspension.

Other synonyms:

ashtray, chain-smoke, recess, stopping point, discontinuation, nicotine gum, end of the line. light up, wind up. draw on, wrap up, cut off. cease, drag. draw. check. Other relevant words:
check, discontinuation, ashtray, end of the line, expiry, stopping point, surcease, cease, stop, wrap up, recess, suspension, draw.

Usage examples for cessation

  1. It would then rain heavily and without cessation – Cobb's Bill-of-Fare by Irvin Shrewsbury Cobb
  2. Jim and Dennis struggled to turn their heads- all of them they could move- to see what the cessation of jaw- clashing might mean. – The Raid on the Termites by Paul Ernst