Synonyms for Truce:


consensus, pause, common ground, white flag, understanding, amnesty, bargain, lull, unanimity, break, respite, the olive branch, cessation, contract, peace agreement, agreement, terms, deal, alliance, suspension of arms, treaty of peace. continue, cold war, interwar, detente, balance of power, pacify, ceasefire, Dovish. peace (noun)
neutrality, orderliness, friendliness, quietness, quiet, armistice, calm, order, quiescence, cease-fire, peace, serenity, concord, nonaggression, rest, accord, placidness, nonresistance, amity, repose, tranquility.
peaceful solution (noun)
cease-fire, armistice, respite, pause, terms, amnesty, cessation, lull, accord, rest, agreement, white flag, peace, break.

Other synonyms:

pause. reprieve
Other relevant words:
bargain, ceasefire, respite, deal, Dovish, consensus, terms, lull, white flag, detente, treaty of peace, agreement, alliance, continue, peace agreement, pacify, suspension of arms, cessation, unanimity, pause, understanding, break, interwar, amnesty, contract.

Usage examples for truce

  1. " A truce to sentiment," I said. – Something Else Again by Franklin P. Adams
  2. If it was to be war, all right; a truce well and good. – Parrot & Co. by Harold MacGrath
  3. Such a behaviour, so contrary to reason, alarmed the Sultan, and he sent for the Vizier Horam, and demanded his reasons for making a truce with his enemies. – Eastern Tales by Many Story Tellers by Various