Synonyms for Mate:


counterpart, complement, firm friends, girlfriend. fleet admiral, commander, ensign, bride, commodore, wife, midshipman, P.O., petty officer, husband, groom, admiral. designated hitter, breadwinner, cowboy, auxiliary, commuter, desk person, apparatchik, duty officer, career woman, skipper, officer, ancillary. portion, double, piece, detail, part, substructure, segment, unit, subdivision, section, same, bit. fertile, breed, courtship, breeding, fecund, breeder, estrus, marriage, breeding ground, asexual reproduction. babe, BRO, my man, near, baby, sugar, honey. chessboard, capture, chess, bud, castle, sidekick, gambit, grand master, love, confidante, chessman, bishop. man, life partner, missis, lady, missus, hubby. assistant (noun)
auxiliary, partner, ally.
associate (noun)
co-worker, sidekick, fellow, chum, pal, buddy.
bride (noun)
bridegroom (noun)
buddy (noun)
chum (noun)
cohort (noun)
companion (noun)
friend (noun)
comrade, pal, partner, schoolmate, crony, ally, confidant, acquaintance, teammate, chum, companion, cousin, roommate, amigo, fellow, intimate, brother, sister, colleague, playmate, co-worker, buddy, classmate, Familiar, friend, company.
husband (noun)
married man (noun)
married woman (noun)
mate (noun)
checkmate, counterpart, Ilex Paraguariensis, companion, playmate, classmate, couple, married person, comrade, Familiar, intimate, match, teammate, groom, complement, bride, Paraguay Tea, twin, better half, pair, friend, roommate, colleague, partner, crony, first mate, spouse, schoolmate, double, acquaintance.
plant (noun)
Paraguay Tea, Ilex Paraguariensis.
sailor (noun)
mariner, steersman, tar, ferryman, sailor, boatswain, navigator, pilot, boater, captain, gondolier, ship man, helmsman, yeoman, boatman, salt, seaman, barge-man.


copulate (verb)
mount, couple, have sex with, sleep with.
mate (verb)
pair, couple.

Other synonyms:

Paraguay tea
Paraguay Tea.
midshipman, ensign, firm friends, P.O., BRO, missis, commodore, life partner, hubby, girlfriend, petty officer, sidekick, fleet admiral, admiral. commander, bud, honey, confidante. baby, babe. sugar. counterpart. lady. love. man. copulate
sleep with.
married woman
spouse, husband.

Usage examples for mate

  1. " My dear fellow," said the second mate don't say anything wrong against the lady. – Looking Seaward Again by Walter Runciman
  2. But there we were, without a mate and it was necessary, of course, to advance one of the men. – Treasure Island by Robert Louis Stevenson
  3. The mate said: He wants to ship. – The Sea Bride by Ben Ames Williams