Synonyms for Confine:


kill off, shut off, cut into, stamp out, shut up, immure, interfere with, squeeze out. cure, diagnose, bedside manner, limited, doctor, certify, caseload, examine. regulate. intern. confine (noun)
detain, hold, hold in, restrict, bound, circumscribe, enclose, throttle, limit, trammel, restrain.
prison (noun)
dungeon, tether, bastille, pound, jug, collar, oubliette, San Quentin, gaol, stronghold, jailhouse, coop, penitentiary, prison, bridle, irons, pinion, reformatory, shackle, reform school, straight jacket, keep, stockade, manacle, harness, pen, cooler, handcuff, cage, brig, penal colony, lockup, cell, Alcatraz, vise, fence, jail.


change (verb)
limit, bound, restrict, throttle, trammel.
enclose (verb)
cover, encircle, enclose, hold, contain, corral, embrace, surround, encompass, trap, envelop.
enclose, limit (verb)
bind, intern, jail, restrict, restrain, immure, detain, cage, shut up, incarcerate, bound, keep, circumscribe, constrain, hinder, bar, imprison.
imprison (verb)
fetter, lock up, impound, condemn.
punish (verb)
chasten, pillory, avenge, burden, correct, reprise, punish, persecute, torture, distress, penalize, discipline, castigate, afflict, chastise, agonize, anguish, execute, sentence, crucify, imprison, incarcerate, lambaste, judge, Keelhaul, try, fine.
restrain (verb)
constrict, detain, hinder, leash, bind, constrain, control, restrain, impede, restrict, inhibit.
seclude (verb)
sequester, segregate, extradite, expatriate, cloister, excommunicate, deport, evict, blackball, exile, extirpate, remove, screen, expel, cordon, separate, eject, disbar, detach, insulate, blacklist, boycott, eliminate, isolate, closet, exclude, banish, seclude, oust, alienate, ostracize, reject.

Other synonyms:

certify, bedside manner, diagnose, shut away, caseload. examine, cure, quarantine, immure, intern, pen in, regulate. shut up, doctor, lock in. lock. enclose
corral, lock in.
pinion, shackle.
Other relevant words:
cure, limit, wall, regulate, lock, immure, bar, throttle, limited, certify, shut up, trammel, bound, hold in, quarantine, diagnose, pen in, intern, doctor, circumscribe, caseload.

Usage examples for confine

  1. Perhaps, Mr. Harley, the ends of justice would be better served if you were to question me, and I to confine myself to answering you. – Bat Wing by Sax Rohmer
  2. But he was not on that account forced to confine himself to literature. – Stories of Authors, British and American by Edwin Watts Chubb
  3. Now these girls will play the angel- of- mercy game for a week or two, and then jack up and confine their efforts to getting hold of a wounded officer and taking him to the theatre. – The First Hundred Thousand by Ian Hay