Synonyms for Expose:


cheesecake, unfold, centerfold, advice column, unroll, air, article, cartoon, untie, byline, lay bare, banner headline, make known, artwork, lay open, prove, classified ad, smoke out, announcement. flash, proclaim, disseminate, broadcast, let it be known that, show off, announce, spread. subject, throw back, strip away, protection. inhibit, throttle, count against, disadvantage, hold back, put on, plague, bring up against, let down, embarrass, burden. compose, focus, sport, brandish, come out, pap, fix, photograph, disport, capture, blow up. induct, spill, lecture, teach, blab, train, initiate, tutor, tell, coach, ground, instruct, educate. communication (noun)
demonstration (noun)
illustration, manifestation, evidence, indication, presentation, demonstration.
expose (noun)
divulge, give away, let on, unmasking, debunk, reveal, bring out, break, endanger, impart, disclose, display, uncover, discover, scupper, peril, let out, exhibit.


demonstrate (verb)
flaunt, indicate, present, evince, demonstrate, manifest, flourish, convince, illustrate.
discover (verb)
elicit, determine, unravel, Unriddle, fathom, disinter, solve, dig up, identify, educe, recognize, unearth, unmask, breakthrough, realize, find, detect.
divest (verb)
divest, unclad, shed, undress, strip, bare, peel, disrobe, unclothe, denude.
open (verb)
reveal, unlock, unseal, release, open, unplug, uncork, disclose, undo.
reveal (verb)
exhibit, make known, disclose, manifest, unveil, air, divulge, display, denude, open, show off, lay bare, unmask, spill, unearth, show, lay open, unclothe, debunk, flaunt, give away, brandish, smoke out, broadcast, disport, let out, dig up, prove, bare, unfold, flash, uncover, present.
shame (verb)
malign, pillory, mock, ostracize, dishonor, discomfit, shame, vilify, humiliate, debunk, ridicule, stigmatize, scandalize, disgrace, show up.
subject to danger (verb)
endanger, peril.
uncover (verb)
unsheathe, unveil, unwrap, discover.

Other synonyms:

photograph, throw back, tell. disport, strip away. brandish, pap, lay open, blab. compose, spill. flash. blow up, focus. capture. fix. come out. discover
draw out
bring out.
lay open.
give away
let out.
give away, unclothe, bare, unveil, unmask.
Other relevant words:
flash, subject, sport, blow up, break, let out, unroll, tell, spill, capture, put on, peril, unfold, lay bare, lay open, give away, broadcast, unmasking, proclaim, announce, scupper, brandish, impart, disport, endanger, blab, prove, air, make known, bring out, pap, let on, smoke out, fix.

Usage examples for expose

  1. A similar reluctance might be anticipated to expose such valuable vessels as attacked Port Hudson, when their loss was so hard to repair; for only men of the temper of Farragut or Grant- men with a natural genius for war or enlightened by their knowledge of the past- can fully commit themselves to the hazard of a great adventure- can fully realize that a course of timid precaution may entail the greatest of risks. – Admiral Farragut by A. T. Mahan
  2. We'll expose the Hoods and put an end to the organization! – The Clock Strikes Thirteen by Mildred A. Wirt