Synonyms for Office:


appointment, inaugurate, profession, From, DUES, admit, trade, go over to, entrance, co-opt, accept, job, belong to, occupation, admission. brokerage, book, business plan, cannibalize, service, capacity, beauty parade, asset, Broking, province, account, performance. council, corporation, the civil service, customs, room, department, administration (of an estate), corp, suite, factory, building, directorate. ballroom, chore, coatroom, task, work, auditorium, stint, coat check, checkroom, chamber, apartment, cloakroom, bathroom, clubhouse, assignment. cabal, body, slot, class, consortium, clinic, gig, board, corps, committee, army, coalition. headquarters, hq, favor, home base, oblation, kindliness, beneficence, kindness, head office, benignity, workplace, philanthropy, home office, kind, benevolence, general headquarters, give, benefaction. city hall, guildhall, observance, rite, ritual, chancellery, office block, civic centre, embassy, courthouse, ceremonial, liturgy, consulate, mission, ceremony. authority (noun)
purview, enfranchisement, punch, credential, commission, precedence, powerfulness, prestige, force, license, entitlement, rank, prerogative, birthright, power, primacy, authority, command, cogency, steam, domination, sway, might, mightiness, mandate, privilege, control, puissance, kingship, clout, stature, influence, empowerment, charge, superiority, sovereignty, faculty, potency, Prepotency, right, title, strength, mastery, seniority.
benevolence (noun)
business, responsibility (noun)
function, performance, job, post, work, charge, spot, province, role, place, appointment, capacity, occupation, commission, berth, service, situation.
department (noun)
location (noun)
market (noun)
department store, convenience store, stock exchange, fair, supermarket, grocery, warehouse, emporium, market place, market, bureau, store, mart, chain, exchange, stall, counter, establishment, shop, depot, bazaar.
office (noun)
federal agency, office staff, function, place, spot, bureau, situation, position, post, part, agency, berth, government agency, business office, authority, power, role.
place of business (noun)
bureau, suite, factory, warehouse, building, shop, department, agency, room, store.
room (noun)
state (noun)

Other synonyms:

department, hq, gig, courthouse, general headquarters, consulate, chamber, profession, head office, embassy, office block, civic centre, workplace, job. city hall, chore, home base, home office, ritual, liturgy, task, chancellery, slot, rite, benignity, oblation. beneficence, benevolence, stint, appointment, philanthropy. ceremony, observance, kindness, benefaction. assignment, favor, service. kindliness. mission. work. main office

Usage examples for office

  1. He found that a solicitor's office was not what he had supposed it to be. – Here and Hereafter by Barry Pain
  2. Your office that is. – Uller Uprising by Henry Beam Piper, John D. Clark and John F. Carr