Synonyms for Bump:


jab, collision, clunk, plump, impact, pat, whop, bounce, bedsore, clash, buffet, swat, boost, swipe, abrasion, jar, abscess, belt, bat, blister, thud, clout, blackhead, wallop, sock, blemish, bash, blotch, cuff, slug, jounce, clump, athlete's foot, boil, HIT, box. air mile, baggage storage, aerial, baggage check, AIRLINK, knob, accompanied baggage, airfare, airline, air rage, baggage allowance. conflict, wobble, collide, wave, shake, rock, sway, flutter, oscillate, swing, vibrate. apex, back, corner, edge, bottom, brim, base, repetition, confines, bevel. chuck, boot, oust, dismiss, evict, kick out, expel, stub, throw out, catch, keep, trip, walk into, eject. beat, chink, reduce, rise, clink, degrade, clangor, clip-clop, downgrade, clatter. bonk, hammer blow, bop, butt, meet up with, chop, tumble on. smash into, run over. lay off, give someone notice, pink slip, ease out, discharge, pension off, retire, pay off. blow (noun)
poke, thwack, slap.
bulge (noun)
bump (noun)
break, chance, blow, encounter, gibbosity, excrescence, displace, demote, find, bulge, dislodge, kick downstairs, hump, jut, protuberance, knock, relegate, gibbousness, protrusion, prominence, extrusion, happen.
bump into (noun)
impulse (noun)
nudge, motivation, momentum, impulse, poke, strike, jog, thrust, shot, pitch, punch, jolt, jerk, prod, push, shove, sling.
pimple (noun)
snap (noun)
burst, crash, knock, slam, click, rap, boom, flap, snap, clack, report, thwack, slap, smack, whack, thump, crepitation, bang, clap, tap.
wallop (noun)


collide, hit, usually with sound (verb)
clatter, crash, pat, strike, slap, jolt, smash into, jar, shake, smack, bounce, whack, knock, slam, punch, butt, thump, thud, box, jostle, bang, thwack, rap, jerk, clap, jounce.
contact (verb)
motivate (verb)
drive, entice, heave, goad, prompt, motivate, magnetize, energize, encourage, hasten, jostle, move, hurl, instigate, lob, ferment, launch, throw, hurtle, force, shoot, catapult, urge, ram, fire, propel, fling, trigger, stimulate, provoke, foment, induce, impel, inspire.
move over, dislodge (verb)
snap (verb)
flap, crash, click, bang, rap, thwack, clack, whack, snap, knock, slap, clap, burst, slam, smack, tap, thump.

Other synonyms:

apex, hammer blow, bevel, bottom, knob, collision, clip-clop. downgrade, clangor, clump, oust, evict, clatter, stub, collide, brim, confines, walk into, sock, HIT. bop, jar, degrade, impact, bonk, clout, eject, chink. chop, buffet, corner, edge, swipe, chuck. butt, cuff, expel, dismiss, run over. bounce, trip, reduce. base. back. beat. catch. demote
kick downstairs.
Other relevant words:
blackhead, chance, demote, knob, clunk, wallop, plump, bang, bevel, sway, cuff, rock, oscillate, edge, blemish, boost, boil, box, clink, expel, jab, throw out, downgrade, clout, bop, displace, chop, hump, belt, find, dismiss, jar, bounce, airline, evict, kick downstairs, butt, blister, extrusion, wave, confines, smash into, abscess, clangor, protuberance, degrade, whop, jut, catch, beat, repetition, slug, discharge, airfare, happen, thud, keep, kick out, gibbosity, bulge, collision, gibbousness, break, retire, blow, vibrate, jounce, conflict, aerial, rise, chink, HIT, excrescence, pat, apex, abrasion, bedsore, pink slip, dislodge, relegate, oust, back, flutter, swipe, clip-clop, swing, boot, swat, clump, prominence, eject, encounter, brim, bash, blotch, shake, bottom, trip, clatter, bat, base, corner, stub, bonk, sock, impact, wobble, AIRLINK, buffet, clash, protrusion, pension off, collide, reduce, lay off, chuck.

Usage examples for bump

  1. Haven't you got a bump – Milly and Olly by Mrs. Humphry Ward
  2. They could now fly strongly, though they still kicked far too much; but if they saw a cloud in front of them, the more they tried to avoid it, the more certainly did they bump into it. – Peter and Wendy by James Matthew Barrie
  3. Marta smiled in the reaction from terror at his idea of an easy bump while he was examining the damage to his person. – The Last Shot by Frederick Palmer