Synonyms for Become:


measure up, fit in with, shift, mature, come up to, live up to, qualify, turn into, match-up, speak for itself, lend itself to something, convert. enhance, match, heighten, agree with, change into, distort, embellish, garnish, adorn, spoil, tend, behoove, grace, diversify, alter, ornament, display, belong to, flatter, enrich, go into, set off, detract from, go with. change, wax, look, feel, be, form, appear, come over. agree. conform, correspond. beautiful. become (noun)
go, turn, get, suit.


change (verb)
get, go.
enhance (verb)
enrich, agree, belong to, heighten, fit, ornament, flatter, display, suit, grace, match, adorn, garnish, embellish, go with, set off.
evolve into (verb)
shift, wax, mature, convert, change into, turn into.
intensify (verb)
stative (verb)
suit, turn.
suit (verb)
please, benefit, satisfy, fit, dovetail, serve, suit.
suited (verb)
suited, Served, Fitted, Benefited, satisfied, Dovetailed, pleased, Became.

Other synonyms:

change into, diversify, be, tend, behoove. alter, turn into. wax, flatter, come over, go into, conform. feel, correspond, look. appear. form. flatter
set off.
Other relevant words:
correspond, match, display, mature, wax, garnish, alter, adorn, heighten, go, shift, belong to, embellish, benefit, behoove, convert, change, agree, turn, come over, look, grace, go with, ornament, get, enhance, flatter, enrich, tend, be, turn into, change into, conform, agree with.

Usage examples for become

  1. This may become a great good to you both. – Desperate Remedies by Thomas Hardy
  2. And so you wish to become a brother of the House of Martha? – The House of Martha by Frank R. Stockton