Synonyms for Sentence:


collocate, adjunct, accusative, decree, antecedent, case, order, edict, article, cleft sentence, allomorph, allophone, dictum. law, rap, teach someone a lesson, administer, deal out, make an example of someone, hand down, take the law into your own hands, mete out. life, life imprisonment, extraordinary rendition, life sentence, internment, prison, hard labor, correctional. condemnation (noun)
conviction, death penalty, condemnation, damning, death sentence.
judgement (noun)
consideration, determination, appraisal, finding, adjudication, verdict, pronouncement, ruling, judgment, mediation, assessment, justice, resolution, arbitration, decision.
justice (noun)
passage (noun)
phrase (noun)
catchphrase, locution, adage, cliche, motto, metaphor, clause, paragraph, epigram, slogan, phraseology, euphemism, proverb, mannerism, figure of speech, maxim, expression, Verbalism, terminology, phrase, idiom.
punishing decree (noun)
doom, judgment, decision, order, condemnation, verdict, rap, time, penalty, punishment, dictum, pronouncement, ruling, determination, edict.
punishment (noun)
correction, execution, confinement, incarceration, imprisonment, affliction, castigation, reprisal, forfeiture, price, revenge, persecution, agony, retribution, crucifixion, chastisement, payment, punishment, penalty.
sentence (noun)
condemnation, condemn, doom, prison term, conviction, time, judgment of conviction.


communication (verb)
condemn, doom.
condemn (verb)
doom, find guilty, convict, execrate, pass sentence.
decide punishment (verb)
jail, condemn, adjudicate, judge, impound, incarcerate, punish, penalize, imprison, rule, confine, convict, mete out.
imprison (verb)
fence, handcuff, cage, harness, bridle, straight jacket, manacle, tether, impound, lock up, condemn, jail, shackle, collar, fetter.
judge (verb)
adjudicate, determine, decide, referee, resolve, appraise, consider, pronounce, rule, assess, mediate, arbitrate, find, judge.
punish (verb)
fine, discipline, burden, punish, confine, reprise, castigate, try, incarcerate, avenge, persecute, imprison, agonize, execute, penalize, chasten, Keelhaul, crucify, chastise, afflict, lambaste, anguish, correct, torture, distress, pillory.

Other synonyms:

find guilty.
referee, pass sentence.

Usage examples for sentence

  1. His last sentence struck Barry to the heart. – The Sky Pilot in No Man's Land by Ralph Connor
  2. Surely this was a fine sentence – The Chautauqua Girls At Home by Pansy, AKA Isabella M. Alden
  3. I was watching him still more closely as I spoke the last sentence or two. – Ravensdene Court by J. S. (Joseph Smith) Fletcher