Synonyms for All:


across-the-board (adjective)
global, across the board, all-embracing.
complete (adjective)
uncut, plenary, unified, done, final, thorough, integral, finished, total, solid, collective, accomplished, unabridged, unsevered, through, whole, sum, entire, universal, intact, full, comprehensive, complete, exhaustive, conclusive, undivided.
each; every one of a class (adjective)
sum, whole, totality.
entire (adjective)
mass, exhaustive, all-inclusive, full-grown, comprehensive, conclusive, complete, all-embracing, sum, tally, global, gross, full, whole, full-fledged, entire, holistic, full-scale, sweeping, total.
exclusively (adjective)
nothing but.
whole quantity (adjective)
complete, entire, gross, full, total.


all (adverb)


absolute, especially, perfectly, particular, pure. overall, part, all-or-nothing, wholesale, the sum total. clearly, honestly, certainly, literally, precisely, simply, evidently, surely, actually, essentially. assist, aggregate, concede, bury, deadlock, attack, cushion, chalk something up. sometime, before, This, when, last, then, here, Whenever, Until. across the board, without distinction (of something), one and all. be an inspiration to someone, exceed (someone's) expectations, make an impression, knock your socks off, make a favorable impression (on someone), put someone/something in the shade, commend itself (to someone), take your breath away, stand out, be really/quite something. all (noun)
full, Everybody, wholesale, total, whole, entire, complete, Everything, Everyone, entirety, comprehensiveness, aggregate, sum.
collection (noun)
entirety (noun)
fullness, completeness, entirety, gestalt, Everybody, Everyone, comprehensiveness, Everything, conclusiveness, exhaustiveness, wholeness, totality.
exclusively (noun)
nothing but.
whole; totality (noun)
mass, entirety, Everything, aggregate, Everyone, across the board.

Other synonyms:

overall, then, across the board, Whenever, the sum total. cushion, concede, wholesale, Until, This, bury, sometime. here, attack, perfectly, assist, last, when. before. sum
Other relevant words:
evidently, before, sometime, one and all, actually, bury, aggregate, particular, pure, deadlock, honestly, literally, This, surely, especially, perfectly, all-or-nothing, attack, nothing but, essentially, cushion, clearly, certainly, simply, overall, concede, wholesale, Until, Whenever, assist, precisely, absolute, when, then, last, here.

Usage examples for all

  1. Why, what is all this? – Dave Dashaway and his Hydroplane by Roy Rockwood
  2. What am I going to say to them all – His Second Wife by Ernest Poole
  3. Is that all she is? – The Way of Decision by M. C. Pease