Synonyms for Hint:


observation, smattering, scent, broad hint, announcement, implication, reference, signification, communication, taster, omen, indirection, connotation, fraction, whiff, evidence, fragment, taste, supposition, a bit, tip off, reminder, notion, suspicion, whisper, premonition, Prefigurement, insinuation, symptom, a little, idea, foretoken, iota, prompter, bit, sample, manifestation, impression, innuendo, memorandum, piece, allusion, notice, inference. obliqueness, hedge, mince (your) words, get at, evade, parry, reflection, convey, skirt, aside. undercurrent, a/the ghost of something, wisp, show, glimpse. knowledge. semblance, streak, shade, dash, big, hair, whisker. communication (noun)
breath, intimation.
hint (noun)
speck, lead, soupcon, jot, touch, clue, steer, tip, suggest, confidential information, pinch, suggestion, intimation, breath, mite, trace, tinge, wind.
indication (noun)
lighthouse, banner, legend, wave, key, figuration, guidepost, beacon, wink, icon, gesture, label, insignia, motion, alert, emblem, ticket, semaphore, logo, crest, tag, notation, gesticulation, signpost, sign, indication, token, signal, flag, designation, brand, symbol, denotation, marker, undercurrent, stamp, badge, logotype.
indication; suggestion (noun)
insinuation, trace, notion, communication, impression, tinge, reference, observation, suspicion, advice, reminder, smattering, idea, intimation, innuendo, omen, connotation, iota, whiff, pointer, implication, whisper, taste, inference, wink, information, scent, denotation, lead, tip, allusion, warning, clue, notice, symptom, token, signification, announcement, sign, evidence.
threat (noun)
harassment, bluster, intimidation, threat, warning, forewarning, monition, foreboding, admonition.
tip-off (noun)
tip off.
warning (noun)


communication (verb)
hint (verb)
intimate, imply, suggest, insinuate, refer, allude.
suggest; indicate (verb)
intimate, imply, tip off, insinuate, prompt, cue.
threaten (verb)
harass, intimidate, forebode, torment, threaten, warn, Forewarn, admonish, browbeat, scare, bully, frighten, bulldoze.

Other synonyms:

smattering, broad hint, taster, iota, bit. whiff, whisper, whisker, fragment, fraction, reference, wisp. semblance, shade, dash. sample, hair, streak, glimpse. piece. implication
Other relevant words:
announcement, dash, glimpse, smattering, speck, impression, omen, fragment, soupcon, reference, communication, broad hint, mite, manifestation, prompter, touch, show, foretoken, trace, fraction, symptom, evidence, reminder, implication, connotation, counsel, notion, premonition, hair, steer, shade, convey, undercurrent, get at, idea, lead, breath, insinuation, streak, confidential information, bit, suspicion, signification, memorandum, wind, whisker, jot, supposition, innuendo, whisper, wisp, piece, inference, notice, observation, iota, taste, allusion, scent, tinge, advice, reassurance, whiff, intimation, pinch, semblance.

Usage examples for hint

  1. You haven't given your wife any hint as to why you are going to Biddlecombe to- day, have you?" – Dialstone Lane, Part 2. by W.W. Jacobs
  2. Sometimes their friends would ask me to go to them, though very often I waited for no hint but took the chance of meeting with a kind reception. – Wonderful Adventures of Mrs. Seacole in Many Lands by Mary Seacole Commentator: W. H. Russell
  3. I say, what do you hint – Porzia by Cale Young Rice