Synonyms for Determination:


addition, Ascertainment, perception, correction, costing. ambition, motivation, decide, dynamism. causation, cultivation, construction, cause and effect, strong, recreation, certain, causality, development, decidedness, creation, elicitation. decree, law, edict. answer, result, ask. act (noun)
attribute (noun)
bravery (noun)
valor, intrepidity.
calculation (noun)
program, gauge, tally, plan, plot, valuation, multiplication, enumeration, assessment, calculus, mathematics, statistics, judgement, rank, presumption, sum, triangulation, approximation, consideration, quantification, measurement, estimation, algebra, inference, calculation, schedule, appraisal, conclusion, value, arithmetic, deduction, division, total, method, score, guess, algorithm, system, reckoning, computation, scheme, evaluation, supposition, study, thought, count, account.
choice (noun)
discretion, alternative, preference, wish, selection, choice, volition, election, desire, pick, option.
conclusion (noun)
measurement, result, verdict, perception, judgment, solution.
courage (noun)
intrepidity, undauntedness, moxie.
determination (noun)
conclusion, purpose, decision, finding.
discovery (noun)
breakthrough, recognition, solution, discovery, realization, identification, unmasking, disclosure, manifestation, apocalypse, exposure, revelation, espial, unraveling, detection, acquisition.
evidence (noun)
confirmation, exemplification, support, testimony, documentation, data, deposition, corroboration, indication, establishment, declaration, quotation, certification, observation, attestation, substantiation, fact, validation, evidence, demonstration, illustration, statement, information, exhibit, connotation, counter-evidence, authentication, specimen.
experiment (noun)
trial, proof, experiment, investigation, verification, probe, test, research, benchmark, analysis.
free will (noun)
autocracy, will, spontaneity, free will, responsibility.
judgement (noun)
arbitration, justice, finding, verdict, ruling, resolution, decision, adjudication, mediation, sentence, judgment, pronouncement.
measurement (noun)
perseverance (noun)
certitude, indefatigability, courage, hardihood, constancy, willpower, boldness, resolution, stubbornness, resoluteness, tenacity, grit, heart, fortitude, purposefulness, drive, valor, dauntlessness, independence, indomitability, purpose, steadfastness, certainty, bravery, obstinacy, fearlessness, guts, persistence, conviction, backbone, decision, resolve, pluck, assurance, nerve, doggedness, energy, spunk, self-confidence, intrepidity, dogmatism.
resolution (noun)
courageousness, steadfastness, persistence, spunk, staunchness, tenacity, decisiveness, fortitude, moxie, perseverance, heartiness, fervency, stubbornness, backbone, stamina, Headstrongness, pluck, bravery, faithfulness, boldness, Stoniness, indefatigability, trueness, sand, tirelessness, dauntlessness, diligence, bullheadedness, toughness, grit, devotion, indomitability.
stability (noun)
tenacity (noun)
hardness, strength, obstinacy, doggedness, persistency, viscidity, stiffness.

Other synonyms:

causality, elicitation, costing, decidedness, vigor, resoluteness, causation, ambition, mettle, willpower, dynamism, purposefulness. correction, recreation, energy, courage, cultivation. addition, firmness, edict, creation, decree. construction. answer. resolve. drive, development. consequence
Other relevant words:
drive, intrepidity, constancy, correction, coolness, construction, resolve, certainty, dogmatism, ambition, independence, decree, causality, heart, guts, fearlessness, edict, certain, courage, certitude, conviction, purpose, enterprise, causation, costing, willpower, assurance, law, vigor, answer, valor, purposefulness, confidence, recreation, intransigence, mettle, energy, hardihood, result, firmness, addition, cultivation, development, self-confidence, resoluteness, decide, dynamism, Ascertainment, perception, nerve, decidedness.

Usage examples for determination

  1. With this determination the maiden entered the city. – A Maid at King Alfred’s Court by Lucy Foster Madison
  2. For many years he remained firm in his determination – Modern Painting by George Moore
  3. Benita formed a sudden determination – Benita, An African Romance by H. Rider Haggard