Synonyms for Can:


heavens above, now I've seen everything/it all, package, actually, who would have thought...?, is that a fact?, funnily enough, of all things/people/places, you would not believe, you don't say, Well, I never. bounce, buttock, cashier, pink slip, ax, release, boot, cheek. crib, Baggie, cookie jar, stir, penitentiary, house of correction, hoosegow, coop, Calaboose, cake tin, coolbox, brig, big house, prison, bread-bin, slammer, breadbox, lockup, free, clink, cooler, pen, pokey, jail. bowlful, bite, C, consumption, cake. W.C., porta potty, Facilities, the john. dehydration, dry, flash-freeze, cure, dehydrate, irradiate, homogenize. lay off, give someone notice, pension off, retire, pay off, ease out. ought, shall, should, could, must, Cannot, used to. beyond/without a shadow of a doubt, undoubtedly, no doubt/question but that, unless I'm mistaken, surely, in my humble opinion, know for a fact (that), put money on something, correct me if I'm wrong, I bet/I'll bet (that). the can, the clink, the slammer. artifact (noun)
tin, tin can.
buttocks (noun)
fanny, behind, seat, tush, backside, posterior, rump, butt, fundament, hind end.
can (noun)
keister, backside, nates, prat, fundament, rear, behind, hindquarters, stern, lav, buns, tail end, tail, bathroom, might, butt, force out, bottom, send away, bum, rear end, posterior, fire, get, rump, John, seat, may, hind end, tin can, put up, tush, buttocks, lavatory, give the axe, give notice, derriere, sack, terminate, tin, can buoy, canful, privy, tooshie, fanny, dismiss.
container (noun)
jar, ladle, sack, chest, holder, cabinet, jug, bowl, wallet, bag, shelf, drum, drawer, vat, cupboard, decanter, bucket, tray, pouch, container, locker, pocket, stomach, closet, receptacle, bladder, suitcase, reservoir, trunk, purse, flask, tank, basket, box, bin, cup, barrel, case, belly, storage, cask, repository, crate, vault.
container, usually metallic (noun)
canister, jar, package, bottle, bucket, tin, receptacle.
jail (noun)
penitentiary, prison, jail, stir.
package (noun)
penal institution (noun)
big house.
preservation (noun)
conservation, preservation, quick-freeze, Embalming, archive, asylum, bottle, mummification, sanctuary, library, bank, freezing, refrigeration.
prison (noun)
receptacle (noun)
crock, hopper, magazine, pitcher, caddy, saucer, canister, pail.
toilet (noun)
lavatory, privy, John.


be able (verb)
could, may.
change (verb)
tin, put up.
fire from job (verb)
bounce, cashier, dismiss, ax, boot, terminate, sack.
preserve (verb)
freeze, marinate, mummify, preserve, conserve, refrigerate, embalm, petrify.

Other synonyms:

cookie jar, Baggie, bread-bin, slammer, package, flash-freeze, coop, brig, Calaboose, cake tin, coolbox, atomizer, big house, pokey, aerosol, should, ampoule, house of correction, cooler, bowlful, breadbox, ought, pink slip, hoosegow. clink, used to, penitentiary, homogenize, dehydration, must, prison, cashier, lockup. irradiate, shall, cake. could, consumption, pen, cure, crib. bite, release. bounce. C. dry. dismiss
put up.
rear end.

Usage examples for can

  1. As he came out so he can always go back- even to his youth. – This Freedom by A. S. M. Hutchinson
  2. No, but we can – Carl and the Cotton Gin by Sara Ware Bassett
  3. What can be done to Krool? – The Judgment House by Gilbert Parker