Synonyms for Past:


dead (adjective)
old (adjective)
past (adjective)
historical, anteceding, yesterday's, yore, previous, ago, bygone, former, primeval, primordial, old-time, ancient, old.
preceding, done (adjective)
finished, anterior, prior, foregoing, antecedent, previous, precedent, former, completed, ago.


AM, fast, forward, foregoing, at, half-hour, anterior. rear, at someone's heels, in the background, farther than, up front, face, in front, beyond, behind, opposite, rearmost. at one time, already, previously, one day, precedent, time. Whilom, precede, quondam, Until, when, This, here, all, sometime, once, Whenever, onetime. secrecy, conspiracy of silence, state secret, secret, confidentiality, hidden agenda, trade secret, stealth, intimacy, confidence. anymore, at an end, through, complete, exhausted, completed, mission accomplished, finished, up. DO, conjugation, the future, auxiliary verb, auxiliary, the first person, the conditional, the active, copula, aspect. running late, last minute, be out of time, at the last moment/minute, overdue, not a moment too soon, belatedly. the past, the mists of time/history, the good old days, turn/set/put the clock back. different time (noun)
days gone by.
duration (noun)
past (noun)
bygone days, antecedent, yesteryear, yesterday, history.
suspect (noun)
guess, accuse, fear, expect, anticipate.
time (noun)
time gone by (noun)
days gone by, history, yore, yesteryear, yesterday.
water under the bridge (noun)
days gone by.

Other synonyms:

face, opposite, anterior. before, already, foregoing, precedent, behind, overdue. complete, through. up.

Usage examples for past

  1. " Albert-" " Oh, I don't put anything past you. – Star-Dust A Story of an American Girl by Fannie Hurst
  2. In the Comanache camp, things were much as they had been for many days past – Dusty Star by Olaf Baker
  3. He was long past any help we could give. – The Way of an Eagle by Ethel M. Dell