Synonyms for Adroit:


creative (adjective)
expert (adjective)
crackerjack, adept, sophisticated, masterful, expert, professional, authoritative, artistic, skillful.
facile (adjective)
efficient, deft, fluent, simple, dexterous, handy, uncomplicated, smooth, easy, effortless, facile.
sharp (adjective)
skillful (adjective)
capable, apt, adept, handy, efficient, able, accomplished, versatile, nimble, cunning, deft, crafty, expert, artful, skillful, clever, proficient, competent, facile, genius, talented, skilled, masterful, dexterous, ambidextrous, Sure-footed, agile.
stylish (adjective)
adept, deft, artistic, skillful, expressive, artful, eloquent, graceful, clever, stylish, talented, capable.
very able or skilled (adjective)
deft, nimble, skillful, crackerjack, slick, dexterous, foxy, quick-witted, handy, good, adept, smart, expert, masterful, sharp, clever, ingenious, clean, artful, neat, cunning, proficient, apt.
witty (adjective)
intelligent, resourceful, foxy, facetious, canny, urbane, sparkling, inventive, sly, scintillating, brilliant, jocular, astute, cunning, comical, waggish, joking, pithy, clever, crafty, dry, sarcastic, shrewd, pointed, wily, sharp, quick-witted, artful, witty, smart, droll, funny, scurrilous, ingenious, deft, tricky, sophisticated, subtle, quick.


experienced, transliterate. ability, good. knowledge. slick. adroit (noun)
cunning, dextrous, coordinated, ingenious, nimble-fingered, clever, deft, handy, clean, quick-witted, dexterous, neat, light-fingered.
dexterous (noun)
study atdexterous.

Other synonyms:

slick. Other relevant words:
dextrous, light-fingered, good, nimble-fingered, neat, experienced, coordinated, clean, slick.

Usage examples for adroit

  1. Of course he's a gentleman, returned the adroit Duchessa. – The Cardinal's Snuff-Box by Henry Harland