Synonyms for Distinct:


all (adjective)
apparent, obvious (adjective)
evident, clear, manifest, audible, trenchant, definite, well-defined, patent, sharp, plain, decided, clear-cut, clean-cut, noticeable.
different (adjective)
asymmetric, conflicting, heterogeneous, various, unalike, disparate, mismatched, different, unequal, differing, varying, dissimilar, contrary, diverse, unmatched, nonuniform, discordant, contrasting, unlike, divergent, abnormal, contradictory.
different; unconnected (adjective)
dissimilar, detached, diverse, discrete, separated, individual, disparate, various, divergent, several, separate.
dissimilar (adjective)
contrary, dissimilar, disparate, inconsistent, different, nonuniform, heterogeneous, opposite, discordant, unlike, unalike, divergent, aberrant.
diverse (adjective)
diversified, nonuniform, multifarious, divergent, dissimilar, different, various, Digressed.
separate (adjective)
detached, severed, disconnected, disjoint, fragmentary, unaffiliated, dissociated, alienated, unglued, unrelated, autonomous, separate, individual, disassembled, Disintegrated, independent, disaffiliated, Sundered.
sharp (adjective)
sharp, knifelike.
trenchant (adjective)
unequal (adjective)
uneven, discrete, different, disproportionate, nonuniform, disparate, lopsided, unequal, unfair, separate, dissimilar.
visible (adjective)
apparent, perceptible, manifest, visible, obvious, exposed, conspicuous, observable, discernible, evident, perceivable, salient, clear, plain, seeable.


alternative. separated, identifiable, distinguished, show up. audible. patent, see, pronounced, crystal clear, noticeable. unquestionable, certain. distinct (noun)
outlined, clean-cut, different, chiseled, defined, well-defined, definite, knifelike, trenchant, crisp, razor-sharp, separate, crystalline, sharp, discrete, decided, clear, clear-cut, distinguishable.
obvious (noun)
significant, self-evident, blatant.

Other synonyms:

identifiable, distinguished, crystal clear, show up. pronounced, noticeable, alternative. unquestionable, several. divided

Usage examples for distinct

  1. But we are confined to the songs of the temple, a more distinct type of ours in the church under the gospel. – The Works of John Bunyan Volume 3 by John Bunyan
  2. That was the distinct understanding, and you know it. – Lefty Locke Pitcher-Manager by Burt L. Standish