Synonyms for White:


blanched (adjective)
clean (adjective)
colorless (adjective)
dull, faded, colorless, achromatic, toneless, pale, lackluster, neutral, lusterless, hueless, bleached.
extremely pale; lacking color (adjective)
chalky, transparent, achromatic, wan, milky, hoary, ashen, neutral, alabaster, immaculate, snowy, pearly, silvery, bloodless, light, blanched, bleached, clear, ivory, pallid.
gray (adjective)
innocent (adjective)
virginal, angelic, naive, innocent, unspotted, chaste, guiltless, spotless, innocuous, childlike, pure-hearted, snowy, unsophisticated, untainted, blameless, untarnished, unblemished.
white (adjective)
platinum, snowy, milk-white, alabaster, snow-white, pearly, milky, hoary, Lactescent, light, lily-white, eggshell, ivory, silvery.


drinkable, dry, carbonated, full-bodied, negro, flat, corked, western, decaffeinated, effervescent, european, alcoholic. arrowroot, cereal, bran, buckwheat, basmati, bulgur, all-purpose flour, brown rice, cornflakes, corn. honest, irreproachable, genuine, truthful, upstanding, principled, fine, sincere. full-blooded, ethnic minority, ethnic, multiracial, aryan, minority, nation, nationality, race. drawn, green, washed-out, haggard, cadaverous, pinched, (as) white as a sheet. athletic supporter, jockstrap, box, jersey, shin pad, jock, shin guard, cup, leotard, kit. backgammon, checkers, bagatelle, checker, domino, checkerboard, counter, board game, Chinese Checkers, chess. bicarbonate of soda, BICARB, batter, gelatin, baking powder, cream of tartar, glaze, mix, oil. bordeaux, champagne, brandy, burgundy, cognac, chablis, claret, bubbly, chianti, chardonnay. colors (noun)
aquamarine, biscuit, aqua, brown, buff, blackness, apricot, bronze.
honorable (noun)
good-natured, splendid, kind, courageous.
pale (noun)
pallid, wan.
person (noun)
Elwyn Brooks White, T. H. White, Andrew Dickson White, Stanford White, Andrew D. White, Patrick Victor Martindale white, Theodore Harold White, E. B. White, Patrick White.
white (noun)
empty, Andrew Dickson White, flannel, E. B. White, covered, white person, achromatic, Stanford White, Andrew D. White, Elwyn Brooks White, Patrick Victor Martindale white, clothed, caucasoid, tweed, clad, light-skinned, snowy, Theodore Harold White, light, colourless, colorless, white river, caucasian, segregated, dilute, whitened, bloodless, Patrick White, clean, unintegrated, pure, blanched, whiten, hot, lily-white, gabardine, good, blank, T. H. White, diluted, livid, ashen, white-hot, albescent, whiteness.


change (verb)

Other synonyms:

andrew d. white
Andrew D. White.
blanched, chalky.
e. b. white
E. B. White.
patrick victor martindale white
Patrick Victor Martindale white.
t. h. white
T. H. White.

Usage examples for white

  1. She shall be the White Chief's wife. – Betty Zane by Zane Grey
  2. She proba'ly wouldn't want to marry any white man; at least I don't expect she would. – Gentle Julia by Booth Tarkington
  3. Were there any white women at Laramie? – The Lost Wagon by James Arthur Kjelgaard