Synonyms for Condemned:


condemned (adjective)
damned, Sentenced, doomed, convicted, guilty.
sentenced to punishment (adjective)
doomed, convicted, fated, damned.


lost, carpeted, foredoomed, fated, carbuncle, cavernous, law, appointed, beachfront, burned-out, brownstone, comfortable, colonial, baronial, religion. go down, custodial, preventive detention, captivity, detention, inside, internment, custody, captive. condemned (noun)
guilty, taken over, confiscate, disapproved, taken, convicted, censured, appropriated, unfit, confiscated, seized.


accused (verb)
Impeached, Complained, charged, Imputed, Inculpated, Incriminated, Denounced, alleged, accused, implicated, blamed, criticized, Reproached, Cited, Arraigned, Scolded.
blamed (verb)
rebuked, Indicted, Ascribed, censured, Attributed.
condemned (verb)
Execrated, passed sentence, found guilty.
disapproved (verb)
Defamed, chastised, chastened, Renounced, denigrated, discredited, Disparaged, Castigated, Upbraided, Derided, Vilified, disapproved, chided, Deprecated, scorned, defiled, admonished.
imprisoned (verb)
tethered, Manacled, confined, Impounded, Bridled, imprisoned, jailed, fenced, straight jacketed, Incarcerated, fettered, shackled, Handcuffed, harnessed, locked up, Caged, Sentenced, Collared.

Other synonyms:

foredoomed, captivity, preventive detention, internment. custody, captive. custodial. inside. lost. go down. destined
Other relevant words:
captivity, captive, taken, fated, confiscated, seized, confiscate, appropriated, foredoomed, taken over, lost, unfit, inside.

Usage examples for condemned

  1. The death of a condemned person had long since ceased to move her deeply. – The Complete Historical Romances of Georg Ebers by Georg Ebers
  2. " Soriteses", will, I fear, be condemned as " bad English", unless I say a word in its defence. – Symbolic Logic by Lewis Carroll
  3. Condemned to labour, like a machine, only to earn bread, and scarcely that, I became melancholy and desperate. – Maria The Wrongs of Woman by Mary Wollstonecraft