Synonyms for Cold:


aloof, unresponsive (adjective)
unresponsive, cold-blooded, unconcerned, unenthusiastic, distant, lukewarm, dead, emotionless, unmoved, inhibited, apathetic, stony, passionless, indifferent.
chilly, freezing (adjective)
frosty, boreal, shivery, chill, sharp, algid, cutting, glacial, biting, icy, frigid, raw, gelid, brisk, intense, snappy, inclement, frore, chilled, bitter, bleak, iced, piercing, polar, nipping, keen, wintry, rimy, frozen, severe, crisp, penetrating, stinging, snowy, cool, nippy, arctic.
cold (adjective)
nippy, bitterly cold, bitter, wintry, frigid, frozen, chilly, ice-like, raw, biting, frosty, icy.
indifferent (adjective)
perfunctory, uninterested, uncaring, easygoing, dispassionate, cool, insensible, apathetic, unconcerned, disinterested, insensate, unwilling, lukewarm, insouciant, indifferent, nonchalant, detached, Half-hearted, neutral, passive, impartial.
moist (adjective)
pitiless (adjective)
remote (adjective)
severe (adjective)
unresponsive (adjective)


on-the-spot, at once, instantly, headlong, promptly, straight away, clammy, suddenly, stiff, fast, perspiring, straight, right now. by accident, aloof, unfriendly, unintended, coincidental, involuntary, arbitrary, distant, unresponsive, instinctive, accidental, spontaneous, random, impromptu. anthrax, botulism, altitude sickness, bronchitis, blood poisoning, beriberi, appendicitis, anorexia, ague, Alzheimer's Disease. choo-choo, unmoved, bang, unaffected, birdie, bow-wow, big, unemotional, cross, attitude, boo-boo, bunny. frost, wind chill, briskness, a nip in the air, nuclear winter, senseless, insensible, cold spell, awareness, cold snap. cold (noun)
parky, nipping, freezing, coolness, unheated, crisp, inhumane, iced, snappy, cold-blooded, frigorific, emotionless, frigidity, far, stone-cold, chill, raw, Frozenness, polar, rimy, refrigerated, intense, unconscious, iciness, nippy, cutting, freeze, ice-cold, frore, chilled, insensate, bitterness, wintry, stale, gelidity, passionless, icy, dead, acold, gelid, frostiness, heatless, shivery, glacial, arctic, rimed, coldness, unloving, unwarmed, low temperature, unenthusiastic, bleak, refrigerant, frosted, refrigerating, perfect, frosty, shivering, algid, inhuman, common cold, old, frigid.
frigid conditions (noun)
frost, shivering, coldness, Frozenness, iciness, gelidity, frostiness, frigidity, ague, freeze.
gelid (noun)
indifference (noun)
state (noun)
common cold.
unfriendly (noun)
hostile, stony, unpleasant, churlish, antagonistic.

Other synonyms:

insensible, unaffected, unresponsive, distant, colored. big, senseless, chintzy. cross, hard, fast. bang. clean. unfriendly
severe, unfriendly, stiff, hostile, stony, antagonistic, unpleasant.
Other relevant words:
cold-blooded, inclement, nipping, brisk, distant, raw, stiff, common cold, unfriendly, biting, bleak, crisp, keen, penetrating, cutting, snappy, piercing, glacial, sharp, severe, unconscious, unresponsive, dead, senseless, aloof, unemotional.

Usage examples for cold

  1. It's not cold it is one perfectly good night for a walk. – The Disturbing Charm by Berta Ruck
  2. Dev'lish cold ain't it? – The Paternoster Ruby by Charles Edmonds Walk
  3. I've got that cold in the back of my head now. – The Phantom 'Rickshaw and Other Ghost Stories by Rudyard Kipling