Synonyms for Heat:


air-conditioned, air conditioning, dehumidifier, burner, convector, air conditioner, ac, boiler, central heating, air. calorific, capillary action, trial, air resistance, centrifugal force, centripetal force, race, attraction, absorbance, course, bonding, amplitude, run, balance. energy, resentment, temper, annoyance, atomic energy, radiation, mood, flame, radioactivity, outrage, asperity, irritation. disapproval, faultfinding, recrimination, uproar, fervor, barrage, criticism, mud, torridity, condemnation, hot, censure, Bashing. excitation, tropical, red hot, balmy, burning, scalding, feelings, excite, scorching, mild, boiling, excitement. coffee maker, blender, coffee machine, season, colander, Barbie, broiler, beater, cooker. constable, Bluecoat, clash, peace officer, cop, card, cup, challenge, bye, close season, gendarme, crown, contest, peeler, policeman, patrolwoman, officer, policewoman, finest, bull, championship, bobby, flatfoot, patrolman, law, police, police officer, man, fuzz, copper, the Commonwealth Games. heat wave, dog days, scorcher, the heat, Indian Summer, thaw. anger (noun)
agitation, fury, anger, ferocity.
anger, passion (noun)
ardor, fury, fervor, agitation, excitement, desire, ferocity.
energy (noun)
enthusiasm (noun)
fervor (noun)
ardor, excitement, desire, enthusiasm.
heat (noun)
fire up, fever, estrus, Torridness, high temperature, heating, heating system, ignite, passion, inflame, oestrus, temperature, calefaction, wake, hotness, heating plant, rut, heat energy, warmth, stir up, heat up.
high temperature (noun)
fever, warmth, Torridness, incandescence, swelter, torridity, calefaction, hotness, sultriness, dog days.
lawman (noun)
phenomenon (noun)
heat energy.
policeman (noun)
patrolman, patrolwoman.


change (verb)
heat up.
heat (verb)
char, warm, toast, burn, sear, parboil, boil, fry, braise, bake, swelter, poach, stew, grill, scald, roast, simmer, barbecue, cook, fire, singe, parch, scorch, broil.
make or become hot (verb)
fire, broil, grill, boil, roast, bake, toast, fry, warm, inflame, sear, thaw, ignite, flame, warm up, char, scorch, singe, scald.

Other synonyms:

enthusiasm, excitation, Bluecoat, peeler, patrolwoman, copper, overheat, finest, flatfoot, policeman, bobby, gendarme, policewoman, torridity, constable. peace officer, desire, fuzz, police officer, excitement, patrolman. race, cool off, energy, season, cop, police. bull, thaw, fervor, officer. man. warm up. law. burn up
heat up

Usage examples for heat

  1. Passion was roused to fever heat – The Creed of the Old South 1865-1915 by Basil L. Gildersleeve
  2. Tom gasped as the heat struck him. – Tom of the Raiders by Austin Bishop
  3. " Get in out of the heat she cried as the car slipped away. – The Major by Ralph Connor