Synonyms for Police:


association, flash mobbing, organization, club, flash mob, Support Group, commission, panel. checkpoint, check, neaten, clean, clean up, clear, agent provocateur, Amber alert, beat, all-points bulletin, clue, straighten, tidy, spruce, order, clampdown, APB. the (old) bill, flatfoot, patrolman, gendarme, Bluecoat, constable, officer, the boys in blue, patrolwoman, the Garda, finest, police officer, peeler, fuzz, the authorities, the force, heat, policewoman, bull, policeman, bobby, peace officer, copper, cop. regulate, limit, control, cure, keep down, confine, restrict, determine, contain, curb. lawman (noun)
constabulary, heat, cop, copper, Bluecoat, law, patrolman, constable, gendarme, bobby, flatfoot, fuzz, bull.
police (noun)
constabulary, law, patrol, police force.
police force (noun)
the law, Royal Canadian Mounted police, Police Officers, the fuzz, RCMP, Policemen, the heat, detective force, Mounties, law enforcement body, military police, canine corps, fbi, the man, custodians of the law.
policeman (noun)
patrolman, patrolwoman.
police officer (noun)
bobby, finest.


defend (verb)
support, save, avert, barricade, argue, ward, protect, respond, fend, safeguard, reply, guard, return, resist, shelter, backfire, oppose, uphold, bar, counterattack, cover, defend, buffer, retort, screen, shield, rebut, secure, answer, counter, sustain.

Other synonyms:

Federal Bureau of Investigation
copper, constable, policeman, gendarme, neaten, panel, association, the Garda, bobby, flash mob, peeler, Support Group, flatfoot, Bluecoat, policewoman, finest, patrolwoman. peace officer, officer, police officer, patrolman, club, organization. spruce, cop, commission. bull, straighten. order. heat. police
Other relevant words:
Policemen, spruce, control, confine, constabulary, patrolman, police officer, military police, patrol, beat, officer, checkpoint, bobby, club, check, constable, gendarme, contain, limit, peace officer, policewoman, RCMP, straighten, policeman, police force, patrolwoman, regulate, fbi, law, heat, curb, clean, neaten, APB, fuzz, flatfoot, finest, copper, restrict, clear, peeler, tidy, bull, determine, clean up, cure, clampdown, commission, organization, Bluecoat, Mounties, cop, clue, association, order, panel.

Usage examples for police

  1. The he told the police and they went to lookin'!" – Polly of the Hospital Staff by Emma C. Dowd
  2. Ah, so you have been to the police – The Morals of Marcus Ordeyne by William J. Locke
  3. I will go for the police – The Wisdom of Father Brown by G. K. Chesterton