Synonyms for Brown:


all (adjective)
brownish, dark-brown.
brown (adjective)
chocolate, umber, Nut-brown, biscuit, coffee, coconut, cocoa, tan, toast, burnt almond, cinnamon, tawny, partridge, acorn, brunette, copper, Cafe Au Lait, sepia, chestnut, drab, khaki, dun, auburn, walnut, hazel, fawn.
brownish (adjective)
dark, burnished color (adjective)
chestnut, auburn, tawny, drab, amber, cocoa, cinnamon, hazel, sepia, bronze, khaki, copper, buff, chocolate, tan, toast, fawn, umber, beige, coffee.
sunburned (adjective)


avocado, alabaster, blue, amethyst, bluish, amber, baby blue, black, beige, azure. baste, barbecue, charbroil, burn, braise, boil down, boil, broil, bake. albino, Complected, color, bloodless, colored, bronzed, Complexioned, coloured. attribute (noun)
brown (noun)
brownness, John brown, brownish, Robert Brown, chromatic, dark-brown.
brownish (noun)
copper colored, rust-colored, coffee-colored, brownn.
colors (noun)
apricot, aquamarine, blue, aqua, black.
dark (noun)
person (noun)
John brown, Robert Brown.
toast (noun)
scorch, cook, fry.

Other synonyms:

braise, barbecue, charbroil, fry, color, bronzed, broil, cook, amber. baste, bronze, coloured, boil down, colored. bake. bloodless, boil. burn. john brown
John brown.
Other relevant words:
braise, fry, cook, beige, bronzed, amber, bake, scorch, barbecue, dark-brown, blue, boil, buff, brownish, colored, bronze, aqua, chromatic, color, baste, burn, broil, John brown, Robert Brown, black, charbroil, brownness.

Usage examples for brown

  1. On second thoughts, and at the next opportunity to see them, King was not so sure that the eyes were brown and he changed his opinion about their color a dozen times within the hour. – King--of the Khyber Rifles by Talbot Mundy
  2. He looked so brown and radiant, this dear delightful boy, with his gold- brown tie, and yellow rose. – The Rosary by Florence L. Barclay
  3. Keep Miss Brown to dinner! – Saturday's Child by Kathleen Norris