Synonyms for Amplitude:


capillary action, calorific, centrifugal force, absorbance, centripetal force, air resistance, big, attraction, bonding, mass, balance. sizableness. amplitude (noun)
bounty, bountifulness.
bulk (noun)
extent, breadth, width, mass, size, magnitude, volume.
calculation (noun)
degree (noun)
notch, step, magnitude, scale, potential, caliber, measure, grade, range, quality, intensity, degree, extent, level.
extent (noun)
extent, breadth.
largeness (noun)
size (noun)
height, largeness, greatness, bulk, measurement, capacity, Portliness, dimension, bigness, expanse, size, width, length, corpulence, breadth, area, chunkiness, volume, sizableness, proportion.
unit of measurement (noun)

Other synonyms:

capillary action, centrifugal force, calorific, absorbance, air resistance, sizableness, balance, attraction, centripetal force, bonding. mass. Other relevant words:
bountifulness, sizableness, bounty, attraction, big, mass, absorbance, balance.

Usage examples for amplitude

  1. Indeed, that amiable goddess did not cease to reign amongst the guests, who found, however, that the so- called frugal repast did not lack a certain amplitude – Bohemians of the Latin Quarter by Henry Murger
  2. The young man had been fed with an amplitude which he had never known before, so that not even the remotest slim thread, shred, hint, echo or memory of hunger remained with him: he tried but could not make a dint in himself anywhere, and, consequently, he was as sad as only a well- fed person can be. – Mary, Mary by James Stephens Commentator: Padraic Colum