Synonyms for Focus:


squeeze, adjust, pop, screw up, see, shut, blink, open. camcorder, cartridge, headquarters, Asa, digicam, celluloid, darkroom, developer, boom, camera, edge, seat, aperture. plain, perceptible, distinct, obvious, manifest, show up, quick, identifiable, start, root, noticeable, apparent, visible, bottom. thought, assessment, introspection, reasoning, reflection, soul-searching, consideration, forethought. catch, play, filter, fade, bend, reflect, bathe, flood, waver. come out, fix, develop, compose, capture, pap, blow up, expose, photograph. sit up and take notice, listen, turn to, hone in on, zero in on, concern yourself, pay attention, take notice. side issue, contention, sidelight, starting point, sticking point, substance, item, point of order. center of attraction (noun)
focal point, heart, point of convergence, headquarters, polestar, locus, core, seat, center, hub.
centrality (noun)
centrality, middle.
convergence (noun)
meeting, concentration, convergence.
focal point (noun)
point of convergence, center of attention, locus.
focus (noun)
crux, rally, lodestar, bottleneck, rendezvous, concentre, sharpen, core, direction, centre, essence, focalise, epitome, asymptote, focal point, meat, kernel, focussing, spirit, lure, magnet, intersection, hub, soul, focusing, stress, rivet, center, crossing, nucleus, centering, marrow, pore, concentrate, funnel, polestar, nidus, heart, forum, axle, focalize, gathering, concenter, plenum.
in focus (noun)
out of focus (noun)
meet, fix, centre, converge, concentrate.
physics (noun)
focal length, magnetic field, magnetic pole, density, grand unified theory, specific gravity.


aim attention at (verb)
concenter, meet, converge, concentrate, centralize, rivet, adjust, fix, sharpen.
centralize (verb)
concentrate, center, centralize.
cognition (verb)
rivet, pore, center, concentrate, centre.
converge (verb)
concentrate, intercept, meet, approach, unite, merge.
focus (verb)
intersect, converge, gather.

Other synonyms:

photograph, squeeze, reasoning, blink, side issue, forethought, waver, hone in on, soul-searching, point of order, introspection, screw up. contention, listen, reflect, adjust, zero in on, sidelight. bathe, fade, headquarters, assessment, substance, pap. consideration, item, pop, compose, thought, reflection. expose. turn to, blow up, flood, bend. capture, filter, open, bottom, root, quick. seat. play. develop, fix. come out. catch. physics
focal length, magnetic field, magnetic pole, density, grand unified theory, specific gravity.
Other relevant words:
contention, centre, reasoning, capture, item, open, point of convergence, focussing, pore, blink, bottom, headquarters, focal length, focalise, concenter, assessment, soul-searching, nidus, root, locus, centering, sharpen, develop, stress, distinct, bend, pay attention, fix, seat, focal point, pap, pop, listen, reflect, substance, concentre, direction, focusing, adjust, consideration, focalize, rivet, quick.

Usage examples for focus

  1. Adjusting the focus of the telescope, I again looked, and now made it out to be a human skull. – Selections From Poe by J. Montgomery Gambrill
  2. The fact is, grandfather, I have come home with something in my mind very different from politics- and you must give me time to change the focus – Marcella by Mrs. Humphry Ward
  3. But he found it impossible to focus his mind upon it. – Okewood of the Secret Service by Valentine Williams