Synonyms for Carry:


American Football (noun)
backfield, American Football, end zone, end, bowl, bootleg, conversion kick, blitz.
help out, schlep, portage, get through, get behind, import, benefit, assist, lug, relay, relocate, help, transplant, ferry, waft, freight, displace, tote, shoulder, convoy. ballot, abstain, spoil, reelect, put in, elect, return, blackball. speak for, answer for, take the lead, bear the responsibility, accept/face the consequences, be meant to do something, take charge (of), strengthen. perform, pursue, defeat, carry out, win, succeed, go about. display, provide, compute, project, deal in, count, add up, prove, estimate, calculate, reckon, assess, sell, determine. permit, be exuberant, lubricate, excited, encourage, qualify, put through, let, help along, get excited, be zealous, open up. clog, cutoff, airlock, conduit, downspout, blockage, cesspit, over, culvert. print, publish, serialize, splash, go to press, accompanied. grow in, allow, bristle with, seem, rate. knowledge, report, get across, break, auction, peddle, launch, disclose, push, tell, retail, hawk. car pool, box in, back up, carve up, block in, bypass, buckle up, bus, change down, spread. sweep to/from power, canvass, stand for, represent, get in. keep out, board, banner, notice, uphold, directory, no., bulletin board, noticeboard, plaque. prop up, shore up, owned, catch, steady yourself, break someone's fall, possess. be burdened with something, be, quit, hump, demean. overflow, give up to, burn, reach, let yourself go, experience, feel, walk away with, tingle. inhibit, disadvantage, burden, let down, throttle, exhibit, bring up against, embarrass, count against, plague. start, entail, blooming, be expecting (a baby), heavily pregnant, pregnant, heavy with child, expectant, in the family way, be with child. thrill, electrify, convert, win over, get in with, target, reason with, excite, sweeten up, woo. bring through, bring around, bring along, bring over. chromosome, carrier, cloning, cross-fertilize, cross-fertilization, cross, deoxyribonucleic acid, clone. grasp, hold on, clutch, grip, keep hold of something, cradle, grab, hold tight, hang on. develop, cause, infect, go around. exemplary, disciplinary, sound, mild, light, lenient, penal, just. leap out at, leap off the page, dominate, shine through, stare someone in the face, stand out, jump out at, stand out in a crowd, get noticed. depth, piece, radius, step, hairsbreadth, climb. carry out (noun)
execute, perform, conduct.


bring (verb)
convey, induce, bring, attract, adduce, fetch, draw, bear, impart, transport, transfer, conduct.
broadcast electronically (verb)
publish, display, send, transport.
carry (verb)
haul, deliver, cart, move, send, express, shift, dispatch, transmit, remove.
change (verb)
creation (verb)
ship (verb)
ship, truck, forward.
take (verb)
win; accomplish (verb)

Other synonyms:

American Football
bootleg, bowl, backfield, American Football, end zone, end, blitz.
import, reelect, blockage, spoil, blackball, schlep, disciplinary, cross-fertilize, keep out, blooming, let, downspout, hawk, serialize, put in, qualify, cloning, demean, elect, culvert, publish, buckle up, bring over, win over, box in, encourage, answer for, noticeboard, plaque, chromosome, hairsbreadth, car pool, permit, bring through, bulletin board, peddle, conduit, penal, speak for, pregnant, change down, cesspit. expectant, ballot, allow, entail, lenient, lug, lubricate, put through, banner, open up, clog, exemplary, auction, block in, cross-fertilization, airlock, cutoff. exhibit, possess, abstain, ferry, retail, carve up, convert, radius, infect. disclose, launch, bring around, hang on, reach, clone, directory, print, hump. cradle, notice, bus, back up, uphold, shoulder, bypass. tell, carrier, hold on, get in, clutch. display, grab, grasp, report, go around, cause. depth, just, quit, step, target, board. no., push. piece, splash, grip. spread, break. cross, climb. develop. sound, return. light. catch. acquit
import, bear.
get behind.

Usage examples for carry

  1. Did one carry such a thing in one's looks? – Annie Kilburn A Novel by W. D. Howells
  2. We may want to carry some little things home. – Dorothy Dale in the City by Margaret Penrose
  3. Shall I carry you up? – Melbourne House by Elizabeth Wetherell