Synonyms for Bottom:


bottom (adjective)
basic, fundamental, underlying, base, elementary, foundational, lowest.
low (adjective)
flat, low, squat, deep, level, stumpy, short.
lowest; fundamental (adjective)
basic, lowermost, underlying, foundational, ground, base, nethermost, Undermost, lowest, basement.
rear (adjective)
stern, backside, rear, back, tail, posterior.
shortest (adjective)
unsuccessful (adjective)
bungled, disastrous, in vain, unsuccessful, counterproductive, abortive, fruitless, unproductive, failed, botched.


cheek, support. cascade, origin, confluence, channel, bight, cataract, bayou, backwater, branch, root, cause. Chaps, capri pants, baggies, bottoms, chinos, bell-bottoms, britches, breeches, over, cargo pants, blue jeans. down, Underpinning, low-level, substratum, sunken, below, depressed, subnormal, footing. position, tier, stratum, status, grade, rank, echelon, caste, high, rock bottom, ranking. core, heart, quick, center, focus, start, hub. bun, buttock. Undermost, lowermost, nethermost. base, core (noun)
cause, origin, root, heart.
bottom (noun)
foot, underneath, depths, underside, nadir, foundation, sole, basement.
buttocks (noun)
behind, fanny.
depth (noun)
foundation (noun)
seat, underside, underneath, support, footing, sole, foot, floor, nadir, depths, substratum.
fundamentally (noun)
actually, essentially, really, basically.
location (noun)
lowness (noun)
deepness, lowness, shortness, hollowness.
rear (noun)
caboose, fanny, rump, behind, derriere, seat, hind.
rear end (noun)
behind, rear, tail, rump, fanny, derriere, posterior, backside.

Other synonyms:

bayou, apex, buttock, bevel, Undermost, bight. cataract, hub, bun, footing, confines, rock bottom, core, sunken, low-level, depressed, backwater, brim, substratum, subnormal, confluence. ground, cascade, focus. bump, corner, edge, center. below. channel. root, branch, quick. heart. down. basis

Usage examples for bottom

  1. But I'll get at the bottom of this yet. – Tom Swift and his Electric Runabout or, The Speediest Car on the Road by Victor Appleton
  2. The tread's broke an' I been expectin' ter be throwed from top to bottom of these stairs for weeks." – Janice Day by Helen Beecher Long
  3. I do wish I could find some way of going down to the bottom of the sea. – The Voyages of Doctor Dolittle by Hugh Lofting