Synonyms for Action:


blow, demonstration, bout, thrust, move, course, dealings, thing, handiwork, stunt, step. content, backstory, trial, ad lib, the credits, denouement, aside, comic relief, contrivance, claim. combat, pursuit, discharge, fighting, battle. appeal, court-martial, class action, study at, dissent, committal, court, unfolding, development, progress, plot. direct action, go out on strike, grievance procedure, general strike, go-slow, come out, cooling-off period, collective bargaining, industrial action. sign, gesture, mime, flourish, signal, gesticulate, body language. deportment, way, transfer, mover, disturbance, comportment, flight, be, transit. behave, the carbon cycle, law, instance, bond, aerate, calcify, adsorb, balanced equation. incursion, mission, pitched battle, war, assault, campaign, skirmish, struggle. act (noun)
step, thing.
action (noun)
conduct, performance, activity, natural action, practice, military action, activeness, action at law, motion, action mechanism, movement, deed, endeavor, behavior, natural process, exercise, legal action, operation, effort, labor, enterprise.
activity (noun)
business, energy, vigor, stirring, agility, animation, kinetics, liveliness.
a legal process (noun)
claim, lawsuit, suit, prosecution, case, cause, litigation, proceeding.
an aggressive military deed (noun)
combat, conflict, engagement, skirmish, battle, fighting.
battle (noun)
engagement, havoc, combat.
cause (noun)
effectuation, cause, motivator, force, elicitation, grounds, compulsion, drive, factor, mainspring, stimulus, generation, inspiration, provocation, compunction, determinant, motive, source, enforcement, basis, root, execution, evocation, origination.
endeavor (noun)
gambit, contract, venture, exploit, essay, purpose, assay, project, production, engagement, approach, undertaking, attempt, job, adventure, proceeding, aim, maneuver, commitment.
excitement (noun)
individual deed (noun)
performance, blow, maneuver, dealings, manipulation, execution, move, exploit, step, exercise, effort, commission, thrust, handiwork, undertaking.
lawsuit (noun)
charge, subpoena, arraignment, writ, suit, indictment, allegation, accusation, lawsuit, affidavit, litigation, citation, count, case, summons, hearing, implication, prosecution, complaint, impeachment, grievance.
legal proceeding (noun)
motion (noun)
procession, motility, passage, locomotion, transition, mobility, flux.
something done (noun)
dash, stunt, response, vivacity, functioning, commotion, liveliness, activity, haste, force, stir, turmoil, bustle, enterprise, business, life, animation, rush, agility, industry, operation, vigor, occupation, movement, motion, energy, flurry, alacrity.


accuse (verb)
start a lawsuit, take to court.
means (verb)

Other synonyms:

instance, transfer, signal, response, occupation, industry, plot, bustle, thing. content, step, flourish, pursuit, behave. alertness

Usage examples for action

  1. For a moment she stood as though turned to stone, and then suddenly roused herself to action as a man came into the room. – By Right of Purchase by Harold Bindloss
  2. I could not for the life of me help the action – Hurricane Hurry by W.H.G. Kingston