Synonyms for Studies:


calculations (noun)
inferences, determinations, assessments, valuations, mathematics, Evaluations, Measurements, statistics, estimations, judgements, suppositions, thoughts, Algorithms, methods, approximations, appraisals, conclusions, systems, considerations, computations, presumptions, calculations, divisions, deductions.
drawings (noun)
depictions, drawings, water colors, pictures, illustrations, sketches, still lifes, landscapes, Cartoons, masterpieces, charcoals, paintings, doodles, renderings, blueprints, tracings, Portraits, diagrams, pastels, scenes.
thoughts (noun)
Imaginations, speculations, meditations, reflections, preoccupations, musings, Concentrations, Analyses, intellections, deliberations, brain works, Attentions.


analyzes (verb)
assays, anatomizes, sifts, winnows, examines, dissects, analyzes.
calculates (verb)
appraises, totals, estimates, adds, determines, evaluates, plots, multiplies, Tallies, approximates, supposes, deduces, values, rationalizes, presumes, enumerates, infers, rates, Measures, quantizes, computes, considers, quantifies, sums, figures, guesses, plans, judges, Schedules, ranks, assesses, thinks, gauges, surmises, reckons, concludes, counts, scores, weighs, accounts, triangulates, systematizes, calculates, schemes, divides, Programs.
examines (verb)
reviews, Surveys, observes, inspects, scans, peruses, verifies, checks.
heeds (verb)
cares about, Watches, concentrates on, attends, heeds, minds, scrutinizes, pays attention to, thinks about, takes notice of, takes seriously.
learns (verb)
absorbs, understands, gleans, realizes, reads, learns, digests, masters, discovers, comprehends, assimilates, Grasps.
thinks (verb)
cogitates, Daydreams, imagines, envisions, cerebrates, ponders, debates, deliberates, meditates, muses, concentrates, reflects, contemplates, speculates, reasons, broods.

Usage examples for Studies

  1. On the one hand, it is continually used in all studies as well as in all the social discipline of the school; on the other, it is a distinct object of study. – How We Think by John Dewey
  2. But that was the end of her studies at that time. – Hills of the Shatemuc by Susan Warner
  3. You should take my advice and leave your son to his studies – The Northern Light by E. Werner