Synonyms for Checks:


blemishes (noun)
faults, drawbacks, stigmata, blotches, defacements, sores, weals, pockmarks, flaws, imperfections, rifts, scabs, eyesores, impurities, disfigurements, lesions, Deformities, abrasions, holes, discolorations, Warts, distortions, kinks, brands.
lists (noun)
Budgets, storybooks, novels, albums, Dictionaries, Inventories, sums, Manifests, Tablets, totals, scrapbooks, digests, repertories, Journals, books, Records, recordings, thesauruses, daybooks, dockets, rolls, chronicles, yearbooks, pads, Registries, bills, notebooks, invoices, Tallies, calendars, menus, workbooks, logs, Catalogs, rosters, Histories, Censuses, treasuries, files, Thesauri, logbooks, accounts, tables, statements, cash books, waybills, collections, details, Indices, annals, Diaries, stores, bank books, Summaries, itemizations, counts, scrolls, registers, lexicons, Schedules, annuals, lists, ledgers.
monies (noun)
bonds, greenbacks, bankrolls, promissory notes, drafts, cashes, dollars, purses, IOUs, Incomes, proceeds, wads, funds, bank notes, issues, profits, swags, stocks, coinages, balance sheets, coppers, Currencies, treasures, receipts, assets, ingots, wallets, monies, fortunes, coupons, money orders, ways and means, nuggets, pounds.


ascertains (verb)
double-checks, demonstrates, assures, establishes, substantiates, confirms, ascertains, finds out, certifies.
blemishes (verb)
discolors, blots, gashes, tarnishes, spots, Freckles, disfigures, hurts, scuffs, nicks, slits, dots, spoils, abrades, Chips, defaces, damages, splotches, taints, scrapes, Fractures, Scars, marks, scratches, specks, distorts, Stains, deforms, scores, flecks, mars, defects, Blemishes, cracks, hacks, Blisters, notches.
dissuades (verb)
dampens, diverts, inhibits, daunts, intimidates, derails, bans, prevents, disheartens, deflects, averts, deters, disinclines, Chills, dissuades, discourages, admonishes, restrains, depresses.
examines (verb)
observes, contemplates, peruses, examines, Surveys, Studies, scrutinizes, considers, inspects, reviews, scans.
experiments (verb)
determines, tries, investigates, Tests, proves, verifies, probes, researches, assays, benchmarks, experiments, analyzes.
hinders (verb)
catches, complicates, Delays, hamstrings, clogs, bottlenecks, burdens, congests, impairs, plugs, crimps, stays, constrains, stops, Cramps, bungs, fetters, drags, jams, baffles, constipates, snags, entraps, mires, handicaps, chokes, fouls, curbs, detains, snarls, encumbers, blocks, frustrates, hampers, paralyzes, entangles, dams, restricts, tangles, cripples, brakes, thwarts, interrupts.
lists (verb)
enumerates, documents, summarizes, audits, collects, Indexes, itemizes, journalizes, recounts, notes, tabulates.
negates (verb)
renounces, disavows, invalidates, disaffirms, overturns, nullifies, repudiates, reverses, cancels, disproves, inverts, effaces, negates, counterbalances.
opposes (verb)
hinders, opposes, defies, repels, challenges, crosses, counterattacks, repulses, meddles, counters, disputes, suppresses, obstructs, intercepts, represses, oppresses, contradicts, counteracts, protests, antagonizes, rebuffs, disagrees, conflicts, resists, impedes, confronts, interferes, fights, objects.
rejects (verb)
belches, disclaims, cuts, jettisons, shears, disallows, seeps, deep-sixes, abandons, rejects, oppugns, erupts, ejects, secretes, disapproves, emits, excretes, ejaculates, drains, vents, blacklists, lops, exudes, Chops, disgorges, blackballs, excludes, scraps, jilts, snips, excises, spews, evacuates, trashes, exhausts, crops, Clips, discards, bars, sheds, vomits, Culls, discharges, eliminates, curtails, junks, Denies.
variegates (verb)
striates, stripes, checkers, streaks, colorizes, marbles, dapples, tessellates, colors.

Usage examples for checks

  1. Though we were unable to procure any special advantages in that, yet we thought it of consequence to insure our trade against those particular checks and discouragements, which it has heretofore met with there. – Memoir, Correspondence, And Miscellanies, From The Papers Of Thomas Jefferson by Thomas Jefferson