Synonyms for Determines:


ascertains (verb)
assures, ascertains, double-checks, audits, finds out.
calculates (verb)
concludes, sums, appraises, systematizes, values, assesses, quantizes, triangulates, estimates, evaluates, plots, totals, multiplies, computes, divides, accounts, counts, calculates, weighs, gauges, thinks, Programs, ranks, guesses, rates, reckons, Schedules, surmises, adds, deduces, presumes, supposes, Tallies, judges, quantifies, Measures, enumerates, schemes, figures, scores, plans, rationalizes, infers, approximates, Studies, considers.
chooses (verb)
adopts, selects, espouses, favors, Fancies, chooses, likes, picks, prefers, wishes, elects.
discovers (verb)
discovers, exposes, solves, identifies, unmasks, reveals, disinters, fathoms, detects, realizes, digs up, unearths, recognizes, educes, discloses, elicits, unravels.
evinces (verb)
states, Manifests, avouches, declares, illustrates, vouches, corroborates, betokens, documents, observes, certifies, demonstrates, exemplifies, testifies, supports, validates, connotes, establishes, exhibits, authenticates, proves, adduces, witnesses, indicates, substantiates, confirms, evinces, attests, deposes.
experiments (verb)
tries, analyzes, experiments, checks, Tests, researches, verifies, probes, assays, investigates, benchmarks.
judges (verb)
rules, sentences, decides, adjudicates, arbitrates, referees, mediates, pronounces, resolves, finds.
proves (verb)
confirms, establishes, verifies, proves, demonstrates, ascertains, certifies.

Usage examples for determines

  1. When he determines to give up life, he says: O Imogen! – The Man Shakespeare by Frank Harris
  2. A father's duty determines very clearly what my decision upon the matter of your marriage with Louise, ought to be. – The Progressionists, and Angela. by Conrad von Bolanden
  3. The King Is pleas'd you shall to th' Tower, till you know How he determines further Abur. – Henry-VIII by Shakespeare, William