Synonyms for Find:


gather, acquisition, bonanza, read up on, uncover, windfall. gain, alight on, stumble on, tumble on, derive, happen on, come by, light on, accept, bump into, get together. measure, conceptualize, hit on, come up with, infer, teach, sum up, draw a conclusion/an inference, conceive. arrive at, commit yourself, conclude, Ascertainment, make up your mind, finding, come down. allow, find (the) time, spare, squeeze in, have time on your hands, put aside, fit in. see the light, deduce, have a feel for something, get the idea, know, fall/fit into place, work out, make sense of something, comprehend. marvel, miracle, phenomenon, the sublime, model, inspiration, thoroughbred, classic, masterpiece, dream. possess, burn, overflow, tingle, let yourself go, give up to, nurse, walk away with. trace, track down, stumble across, map, dig out. endure, taste, be reared on something, undergo. discovery (noun)
acquisition, Ascertainment, bonanza.
find (noun)
determine, witness, find out, receive, discovery, happen, incur, recover, detect, observe, breakthrough, ascertain, come up, chance, discover, line up, notice, uncovering, get hold, get, bump, encounter, rule, see, find oneself, feel, retrieve, obtain.
find out (noun)
acquisition, gather, disclose, realize, identify, see, reveal, expose, pinpoint, observe, unmask, discovery, ascertain, detect, uncover, discover, establish.


achieve, win (verb)
gain, obtain, get.
catch sight of, lay hands on (verb)
recognize, observe, notice, locate, recover, track down, come up with, discover, pinpoint, unearth, uncover, detect, expose, bump into, identify, arrive at, dig up, encounter, spot.
discover (verb)
recognize, identify, fathom, expose, reveal, unearth, Unriddle, discover, realize, unravel, unmask, dig up, educe, detect, elicit, breakthrough, disclose, disinter, solve.
judge (verb)
decide, adjudicate, appraise, arbitrate, referee, determine, rule, resolve, sentence, pronounce, judge, mediate, consider, assess.
locate (verb)
locate, establish, position, set, spot, pinpoint, post, put, station, lay, situate, place.
possession (verb)
bump, chance, happen, encounter.
pursue (verb)
track down.

Other synonyms:

get together, come by, happen on, put aside, squeeze in, uncover, hit on, light on, stumble across, derive, read up on, Ascertainment. finding, gain, come up with, dig out, acquisition. accept, map, gather. spare, fit in. allow. trace. discover
line up.
run into
bump into.
Other relevant words:
gather, map, stumble across, conceptualize, bump into, obtain, windfall, dream, uncovering, Ascertainment, comprehend, allow, observe, conceive, acquisition, inspiration, find out, arrive at, discovery, thoroughbred, see, spare, happen, tingle, incur, gain, miracle, classic, retrieve, marvel, come up with, hit on, nurse, stumble on, get hold, burn, know, work out, witness, masterpiece, happen on, come up, finding, get, receive, dig out, phenomenon, accept, deduce, overflow, endure, track down, possess, feel, bump, notice, uncover, ascertain, infer, undergo, model, measure, trace, alight on, find oneself, taste, chance, light on, encounter, come by, conclude, teach, derive, recover, tumble on, bonanza.

Usage examples for find

  1. " What things to find in this house! – The Heather-Moon by C. N. Williamson and A. M. Williamson
  2. I'll find my way all right. – From Sand Hill to Pine by Bret Harte
  3. It's done, my love; and I believe we shall find it all for the best. – Orley Farm by Anthony Trollope