Synonyms for Understand:


get the idea, fall/fit into place, make sense of something, conjecture, have a feel for something, see the light, work out. count on, agree, make of, concede, see both sides, be quick/slow on the uptake. compass, knowledge. twig. draw, reason. understand (noun)
gather, sympathise, infer, realise, empathise, sympathize, realize, empathize.


absorb (verb)
assimilate, digest, get, comprehend.
appreciate (verb)
dig, savvy.
assume (verb)
judge, think, deem.
believe (verb)
credit, hold, gather, trust, assent, give faith, conclude, judge, declare, maintain, profess, take for granted, surmise, accept, assume, presume, put faith in, deem, affirm, suppose, believe.
cognition (verb)
interpret (verb)
fathom, make of.
know (verb)
discern, perceive, recognize, know.
learn (verb)
glean, comprehend, grasp, discover, absorb, master, study, digest, assimilate, learn, realize, read.
understand (verb)
follow, grasp, realize, infer, distinguish, concede, count on, catch on, figure out, fathom, know, perceive, ken, seize, recognize, suppose, master, note, conjecture, read, accept, imagine, make out, discern, gather, assume, explain, surmise, take for granted, penetrate, get the idea, sympathize, presume, identify with, conclude, sense, suspect, learn, possess.

Other synonyms:

figure out, ken. penetrate, seize, catch on. appreciate, work out. follow. dig. get. draw. believe
take for granted.
catch on.
make of.

Usage examples for understand

  1. Do you understand it?" – Man and Wife by Wilkie Collins
  2. " I do not understand the man. – Northern Lights by Gilbert Parker
  3. Of course, you understand Bud best; but be sure, quite sure, that it is right before you keep anything from him, won't you?" – A Tar-Heel Baron by Mabell Shippie Clarke Pelton