Synonyms for Finger:


big toe, ankle, armpit, clubfoot, ball, appendage, calf, arm, arch. place, buttonhole, breast pocket, coattails, bodice, identify, recognize, pinpoint, bib, care label, armhole, knowledge, collar. a little, fraction, trace, hint, piece, bit, sample, taster, fragment, a bit. pluck, pat, gather up, pick up. fink, exposure, frame, denounce, confession, dog, frame up, denunciation. appendage of hand (noun)
claw, extremity, tactile member, pointer, ring finger, digit, tentacle, thumb, feeler, antenna.
digit (noun)
tentacle, tactile member, claw, index finger, organ of touch, feeler, forefinger, pinkie, ring finger, extremity, pointer, antenna.
finger (noun)
fingerbreadth, finger's breadth, digit, thumb, feel.
volume (noun)
pint, peck, liter, teaspoon, decaliter, cup, gill, tablespoon, milliliter, hogshead, volume, magnum, cord, ounce, quart, centiliter, bushel, barrel, gallon.


choose, designate (verb)
contact (verb)
feel, thumb.
feel (verb)
respond, probe, sense, fumble, experience, handle, undergo, grope.
touch (verb)
skim, caress, palpate, palm, rub, ply, feel, paw, touch, graze, kiss, twiddle, manipulate, brush, contact.
touch lightly (verb)
paw, handle, feel, palpate, grope, manipulate.

Other synonyms:

frame up, feeler, fink. extremity, denunciation, denounce, pinpoint. confession, identify. recognize. exposure. frame. feel
index finger
handle, palpate.
Other relevant words:
finger's breadth, forefinger, frame, exposure, recognize, pluck, claw, pointer, tactile member, denounce, tentacle, ring finger, fingerbreadth, extremity, pat, identify, antenna, index finger, digit, pinkie, thumb, feeler, place, pinpoint.

Usage examples for finger

  1. I won't have a girl with my engagement ring on her finger going on as you do. – My Brilliant Career by Miles Franklin
  2. Where is that book of finger prints you spoke about, Lester? – The Gloved Hand by Burton E. Stevenson
  3. Simple little things like this, that I can do, myself, by turning over my little finger – The Flirt by Booth Tarkington