Synonyms for Arm:


departmental, customer services, acquisitions, fin, divisional, desk, back office, member, forearm, appendage. bough, crook, cylinder, bow, rod, arrange, provide, prong, resource, come up with, supply, satisfy, assembly, equip, serve, projection, wing, cater to, bend, offer, hook, handle. arch, gun, clubfoot, ball, arms, armpit, firearm, calf, big toe, ankle. armrest, chaise, part, chair, chesterfield, armchair, chaise lounge, back, fork, backrest, chaise longue. extension, protuberance, snout, flap, overhang, point, protrusion, annex, ridge. armament, defuse, duel, brandish, detonation, agency, organ, armed, draw, armorer, deploy. aloof (noun)
at a distance, away, haughty, remote, unfriendly.
arm (noun)
build up, subdivision, weapon system, fortify, gird, limb, sleeve, branch, weapon.
artifact (noun)
limb, branch.
department (noun)
deputy (noun)
appointee, deputy, surrogate, delegate, alternate, backup, helpmate, envoy, auxiliary, lieutenant, assistant, double, stand in, ghost, dummy, emissary, servant, helper, figurehead, aide, agent, token, nominee, second, substitute, spokeswoman, attendant, acolyte, representative, spokesman, proxy, attorney, mouthpiece, assignee, understudy.
limb (noun)
limb, fin.
limb, appendage (noun)
bow, hook, rod, handle, projection, bough, wing, branch, prong, fin, member.
narrow body of water (noun)
estuary, inlet, brook, tributary, stream, subdivision, creek, rivulet.


competition (verb)
build up, gird, fortify.
deputize (verb)
nominate, deputize, appoint, assign.
equip with weapon or power (verb)
supply, appoint, fortify, gird, provide.

Other synonyms:

armhole, bony, back office, bodice, armchair, big toe, coattails, carapace, bib, departmental, armrest, brandish, customer services, chaise longue, breast pocket, calf, protrusion, chesterfield, chaise, antler, ankle, care label, divisional, overhang, acquisitions, snout, backrest, anatomical, handle, protuberance, estuary, ball, detonation, armorer, chaise lounge. capsule, deploy, buttonhole, defuse, blowhole, duel, clubfoot, member, armament, ridge, arch, armpit. armed, arms, anatomy, fork, chair, department, appendage, belly. agency, projection, flap. collar, organ, draw. wing. extension. back. run. branch
branch, bough.

Usage examples for arm

  1. They never kissed each other in the day- time, or walked arm in arm or sat very near together. – A Little Hero by Mrs. H. Musgrave
  2. Give me your arm my only love, my all!" – The Complete Historical Romances of Georg Ebers by Georg Ebers
  3. Mrs. Tanberry came quickly and put an arm about her, and together they went out of the room. – The Two Vanrevels by Booth Tarkington